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Is here anyone having an experience of being an initiator?

  Dear Sir,Madame,friends I am looking for an initiator here who has initiated a movement or struggle against any ill ideologies of society in his or her location. I am interested in knowing the porblems,method to trackle those problems,…

Is consensus democracy a majority rule?

Hi to all IOPS member. This post raises the question on definition of minority and also what cares to be taken or some modifications,which ensure minority doesnt exists!  There is a question, which everyone questions on Consensus democracy(direct…

India’s anti-corruption movement 2011-12: hopes belied

  Hi, I have written this piece to explain, in response to a query from an IOPS friend, what went wrong with India’s anti-corruption movement of the last two years and why I have no hopes from a faction of the leadership of the movement…

Development Index

Shining of country or visions or development should not be limited to the 25-30% population rather it must be more focused on 70 % population of any country. In present perspective of environment conditions and depleting natural resources,…

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Madhya Pradesh, India

Founded: 23rd Jan 2014


Rajasthan, India

Founded: 27th Dec 2013


New Delhi (NCR/NCT), India

Founded: 5th Oct 2013

Greater Noida

Uttar Pradesh, India

Founded: 30th Sep 2013

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