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Feminism : Science,History and Philosophy

These days,there is a lot of talk almost everywhere on this topic - Feminism.But before I get into the main content of the post,let me talk about a misconception that seems to sustain itself at the utter disgust of people who know even a bit…

Capitalism : The Most Dreaded Economic System in History

Let me tell you a few things before I get to the main content of this post.I am not into defending my own ideals by making rubbish acclaims towards others,something that we always have to face from the other inhuman,mean group of exploiters,who…

Independence in India?

On the 68th Independence Day of India,I should probably be posting Patriotic Quotations and deeds of great men and deeds of glory.But that depends on the perspectives with which you take a look at these long 67 years,almost seven decades and…

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