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Getting Involved

What can people do now to be constructively involved in IOPS?

The first step is to sign up.

  • To be sure you want to do this, and that it is appropriate for you and the organizational effort, examine the organizational description of goals, structure, etc. If you still have questions or concerns, please read the Why Join IOPS - Questions and Answers, ask a question in the pre-membership public forum or send us a message.
  • If you decide to do so, please enter your email, a password you choose, and please also upload a photo and enter a succinct bio. It is not a frivolous decision, nor a momentary one. IOPS means to last. IOPS means to matter.

Second, if you join, then you can of course advocate for the organization to friends, workmates, schoolmates, and organizations and movements that you are in, or at least, at first, to those who, in your view, are most likely to be receptive to the project and fit well with it. On the other hand, if you don't join, perhaps you could write us a note explaining why you decided not to, so that we might learn of any changes that are critically needed and send to: info@iopsociety.org.

Third, another possible immediate way to aid the project would be to take the organizational description and prepare it in your home language, if it hasn't already been translated, that is, and share it widely in your home countries, cities, etc. Send it to us, too, so we can place it on the system. If you wish to do so, we also need people who will translate the menus and other navigational content, labels, etc, into many languages.

Fourth, and all important, you can begin to get together, hopefully even face to face, with people in your area who are also relating to IOPS. This is for many place likely a bit down the road, when there are more people relating, but once it is possible, it is of course a critical step toward further activities. Meanwhile, in addition to recruiting, you can examine the emerging efforts of other branches and chapters, further along, and take both inspiration and insight, and even direct advice and aid, from them

And what might further activities include?

  • Developing the definition of IOPS.
  • Developing and employing internal mechanisms of consciousness raising.
  • Considering and refining ideas for international, national, and local program. Perhaps embarking on some.
  • Creating local means of gathering face to face and working together. Perhaps having different levels of membership depending on the time people have to contribute.
  • Recruiting new participants, and more, and more.
  • Having local chapters meet and develop their internal procedures and practices.
  • Learning from what others develop.
  • Moving toward national conventions, and perhaps regional ones, and, ultimately, an international convention for the full establishment of the organization.

And from there on - whatever will be, is what we, together, and working with others beyond the organization, make happen.