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Jair Bolsonaro is Elected President of Brazil | Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media | IOPS TIMES #1 @ iopsociety.org

+++ "Read Bolsonaro's extremist, far right Positions in his own words." +++

"This October, Facebook and Twitter deleted the accounts of hundreds of users, including many alternative media outlets maintained by American users. Among those wiped out in the coordinated purge were popular sites that scrutinized police brutality and U.S. interventionism, along with the pages of journalists."


Jair Bolsonaro Is Elected President of Brazil. Read His Extremist, Far-Right Positions in His Own Words by Andrew Fishman @ The Intercept_

Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media 'Just the Beginning,' Warns Top Neocon Insider by Max Blumenthal and Jeb Sprague (Gray Zone Project) @ Consortium News


IOPS TIMES #1 | "The Truth shall make Ye Free; more or less."

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  • Irie Zen 29th Oct 2018

    • Bat Chainpuller 29th Oct 2018

      “It appears that the wanton use of our freedom and technological power have led us to the brink of ruin. The very cultivation of our powers has left us exposed to a nature that refuses to be tamed and is increasingly unsympathetic to our interests.”(Defiant Earth)

    • Irie Zen 30th Oct 2018

    • Irie Zen 30th Oct 2018



  • Bat Chainpuller 29th Oct 2018

    “It’s worth noting for later that if the ecomodernists are successors to Bacon in their commitment to a “second creation” by technological means, they do not share the Baconian presupposition that the ability to remake nature is a divine gift. So, if not from God, from where does the authority derive to master the Earth? The ecomodernists argue as secular humanists: the authority to take control of nature is self-granted, a power ceded to humans for the first time by Enlightenment philosophy.”(Defiant Earth - Clive Hamilton)

    Now this is fucking important...from who’s authority?

  • Bat Chainpuller 29th Oct 2018

    And further, is this election outcome a sign of growing fascism or of a Left that has no fucking idea what it is doing?

    I think whatvthe Left should do is organise.

    Let’s organise.

    Geoengineeering or better social/political/economic relations?

    What’s it to be then John, a brunetto or a bleeding blonde.

    • Irie Zen 9th Nov 2018

      The slender ginger Bruce.

  • Bat Chainpuller 29th Oct 2018

    “It ought to be stressed, though, that the responsibility humans have for the creatures we dominate is not the same kind of responsibility we have not to disrupt the functioning of the Earth System, which we can never dominate.”

    Is it not the disruption of a type of functioning that doesn’t bring about the possibility of the decimation of the human species along with many others if not all, to be precise. Because even if the worst case scenario took place the earth would continue to function in whatever way it does oblivious to the oblivion reeked upon some f it’s inhabitants? Surely? We are talking about a very specific kind of functioning here, and we are the ones making those decisions, because no other species can. It’s not arrogance, it’s just the way it is and the way we are. Evolution has brought us to a point of realisation. One the means decisions have to be made or at least will be because, well, we’re here and the Earth System is fucked up in the sense that it relates to our own survival...and that scares us because we are self aware and knowledgeable of our own death, and we would prefer not to die and we think we are pretty creative and we’d like to keep on doing creative stuff, otherwise, well, may as well just let it all hang out and take our chances.