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To the fighter and comrade

You know them, those who did not deserve it, who have it too well.

It is clear as the sun to you, who has forfeited his right once and for all.

You're taking care of justice.

You defend yourself against those, who have always lived at our costs.

You know how to recognize them.
You call their names.
You leave them no rest.
You pester them.

You grapple them.
You don't know mercy - because they don't know any.
You go to the outermost.
You sacrifice yourself (at least in your speeches).

It's called them or us.
It's called so or nothing at all.
It's called fight until the end.
It's called victory or death.

I ask myself,
wherefor a brain like yours
used up so much oxygen.

by flatter @ feynsinn.org (2018)

Translation by I. Z. Nessuno-Raskolnikov

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