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GO TO http://www.iopsociety.org/projects/iops-braincloud-powwow-2018 CLICK JOIN PROJECT


"Yeahyaw! Brothers'n'sisters listen up! The first virtual IOPS BRAINCLOUD POWWOW is hereby announced and open to the public!"

This unique gathering held on http://www.iopsociety.org has been initiated by Irie Zen to meet and talk; to sing and dance or; to socialize and connect.


Competitions, with many different types of dances, music, regalia and s***. (no significant prizes awarded)

Discussion 26 Comments

  • Irie Zen 6th Oct 2018

    You guys made my day. ALMOST INSTANTLY! 4 Messages! Rod did it. Lambert did it. Darin did it. Titas didn't get the point yet but to her excuse: she had no sleep last night. =)

    Apparently you can't enter the IOPSBRAINCLOUDPOWWOW2018-"Project" immediately. Meh. Did I miss to uncheck a box? I am the bouncer? Do I really have to admit entry to every single guest? It's my party and I cry if I want to!

    • Lambert Meertens 6th Oct 2018

      AFAIK (if memory serves me) you can send invitations as part of the process of project creation. When recipients of these initial invitations click something like "I accept" they join the party immediately. Once that opportunity is past, new members need explicit approval by the project creator.

    • Irie Zen 6th Oct 2018


      If you haven't joined via the "Join Project" button above yet: PLEASE go to your notification/messages section and check if there is an invitation. 3784 went out so far. =)


      Otherwise you'll have to wait for my admission. Sorry!

      "The waiting time is the hardest time.. I know.. but what are you waiting for? Do it! Please leave a message."

    • Irie Zen 6th Oct 2018

      Questions? Answers? Frequency? Jibberish?

      TOPIC ONE: FAQ // Q&A

    • Irie Zen 9th Oct 2018


      There is no "Join Project" button above. Just a link to the project. You can join our thinktankparty there. *facepalm*

  • Irie Zen 6th Oct 2018

    I'll let you in as soon as possible.


  • Irie Zen 6th Oct 2018

    Hassan did it.

  • Irie Zen 6th Oct 2018

    Maryellen and Marco are in.

  • Adam Gilbert 7th Oct 2018

    But. I don't really understand this project.

    • Lambert Meertens 7th Oct 2018

      It’s a powwow. An opportunity to socialize. And to show off. But do not expect prize money to be awarded.

    • Adam Gilbert 7th Oct 2018

      I just clicked on join.

    • Irie Zen 7th Oct 2018

      Glad yo did it. Aloha!

    • Irie Zen 7th Oct 2018

      Not to forget the "BRAINCLOUD" aspect.. whatever that indicates.

    • Lambert Meertens 7th Oct 2018

      Hopefully not as on Wiktionary. When the brain fog lifts, may it form a brain cloud that results in brain clout.

    • Irie Zen 7th Oct 2018

      "I see yo catch my driff." // Clout! Of course. Excellent one. Thanks. // I'd emphasize the POWWOW for obvious reasons.. // "POW!" - "WOW!" // "Beyond cyberspace there shall be FUN."

      Let me clarify.. I just picked some fancy words to lure you into my evil fangs. Click bait bro. You know I'm a pro.. XD

      And don't mention the fog my dear. Is that a condition? Just kidding.. ;) You already made me smile today.

  • Irie Zen 7th Oct 2018

    Bart and Alison are here too. Yay!

  • Steven Hobbs 7th Oct 2018

    DaDa Checking in :)~

    • Irie Zen 7th Oct 2018

      Товарищ! _ Join us! Come to our POWWOW. DADA JAJA =l:)~ XD

    • Irie Zen 9th Oct 2018

      Steve just told me that he showed up but could not tell what to do to join the project.

      +++ There should be a light blue *JOIN PROJECT* button under the orange project picture on the project page. +++

      P L E A S E

      Do whatever you like to participate.. comment everywhere you like.. we're in a early phase at the moment and there is beauty and potential.. sooo.. leave a message and have fun. (Please play music)


  • Irie Zen 8th Oct 2018

    Matthias joined us! +1

  • Irie Zen 10th Oct 2018

    Brabhas, Phil and Christopher did it! Thanks for coming.

    • Irie Zen 10th Oct 2018

      Sorry! P! It is Prabhas!

  • Irie Zen 10th Oct 2018

    Sarah and Milo are in. Awesome!

  • Irie Zen 12th Oct 2018

    Erkan made it. POW!

  • Irie Zen 24th Oct 2018

    Nina did it. WOW!

  • Irie Zen 17th Nov 2018

    Matthew and Ronald are in. Yeehaw.