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We Need To Look At Democratic Alternatives (Introduction to Anarcho-syndicalism)

We face a challenge, a series of challenges, challenges that, although comparable to others in history, are unprecedented in their sheer scale. Collectively, we are increasingly becoming aware that our economic system, in its current kleptocratic…

Democracy in Action: Nantes Protest

Voting is nice. Every 4 years (or so) you make a single decision and then retreat back to your homes hoping things will get better. It is simple, doesn’t require much effort, apart from a detour on the way home from work perhaps. It…

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Organizing Michael Albert's visit to Paris Nov. 12th

For help on this project, please go to the "Projects" section in the main France chapter. Help needed with promotion, driving Michael on the 12th, etc.

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Ile-de-France, France

Founded: 20th Jul 2016

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