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The interim International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) was launched in 2012 with the aim of winning a better world.

IOPS is, currently, in an interim stage, leading up to a founding convention when the membership will determine the organization's definition in more detail.

Please watch our introductory video, scroll through our slideshow and learn more About IOPS.


IOPS seeks to win a new participatory society based on solidarity, equity/justice, diversity, self-management, and ecological stewardship, through:

  • flexibly exploring and adovcating long term vision
  • planting the seeds of the future in the present
  • empowering and improving the lives of its members
  • organising in an internally classless and self-managing way
  • winning changes in society that improve the lives of people in the present

Read the IOPS Mission Statement


IOPS flexibly explores and organises around a broad vision of a future society. IOPS Vision centrally addresses:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Culture/Race
  • Kinship/Gender
  • Ecology
  • International Relations

Read the IOPS Vision Statement


In order to give every member a proportional say in the decisions that affect them (self-management), IOPS is organised around a bottom-up structure, based on a federation of interconnected local, regional and national branches.

Local chapters have control over decisions that only affect them and proportional say in regional, national and international issues.

Read the IOPS Structure and Programme Statement.


Currently, IOPS is in a creation stage. By joining now, you become an interim member. A convention, or series of conventions, will be planned, for membership to determine the organization's definition in more detail.

IOPS is open for anyone wishing to join who shares the commitments in the organizational description and agrees to actively participate in the life of the organization. If you have any questions before joining, please see:

To become an interim member, Join IOPS.

IOPS Non-member Survey Results

This blog was co-authored by Lambert Meertens and Jane Johnson.    The survey to investigate why people sympathetic to the aims of IOPS might choose not to join is now complete.  The results of the first 100 responses have been…

American-Israeli Invasion at Gaza Strip

This is a video I created using a song,In The Flesh from The Wall,Pink Floyd which directly attacks the Jewish.There are several people in there who are utterly disturbed about American-Israeli policy of menacing in Gaza and I belong to that…

Live Talk July 27th Homelessness, Mental Health and Community Wellness

July 27th Live Talk. (2pm New York)(6pm UTC)(8pm Rome) Brought to you by the ever changing world of possibilities,,  On Homelessness, Mental Health, and Community Wellness.  Exploring the interconnected nature of homelessness,…

Social Media

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Please bear in mind that, although we realize the utility of social media, we are critical of the corporations behind those websites.

Members about IOPS

Here are some interviews with members about IOPS including Cynthia PetersDavid MartyElizabeth MeadeFlorian ZollmannJustin PodurMichael AlbertNoam ChomskyPaul Street and Verena Stresing.

You can find further testimonials of members here.

There is also an open letter from our consultative committee including Eva Golinger, John Pilger, Vandana Shiva and others which can be found here.

No more bosses

by Antonio Carty

Website Help Video

To watch a tour on how to use the site, click on the image below:


Newsletters are sent out to IOPS members periodically. If you have any content or suggestions of what to include in a newsletter, please send to:

Latest News

Arrest Warrant Sought for Abbott, Morrison, Brandis, but High Court Australia on Trial for Usurping the Australian Constitution

VICTORY AT LAST:       Scott Morrison press conference over asylum seekers held at sea   Immigration minister faces questions following Guardian Australia's exclusive…

Rally / Permanent Breakfast in solidarity with the Pizzeria Anarchia in Vienna, Austria

Last Sunday we met for a ralley for an occupied house in Vienna, Austria, the Pizzeria Anarchia which is in great danger to get evicted, for a right to habitat and against capitalist housing market in general. As soon as we met in a park for…

Imminent IOPS Belgium Meeting

On July 9th  2014 at 20:36, the first steps were set to organise a national meeting for all IOPS Belgium members. An email has been sent to the whole membership, asking for suitable dates that could be chosen for members to attend. For…

Derniers projets

Live Talks

Want to organize an online talk? Have an idea for a great topic to discuss? Please help get regular Live Talks up and running. We need participants to help discuss and decide topics for discussion.…

Love Unriot

Hope this will become a communal blog for continuing to ask questions and keep an open mind.  

The universal exchange unit

Something like Prolegomena but shorter The history of money is well described in various sources some of which are published online. Before writing down this few lines we have checked only the wikipedia…

Things we've done

Organizing and bookfairs in Dublin,
Bookfairs in Kent,
Organizingtalks and other events in London,
Banners, marches and cultural events in New York,
Organizing in Montana,
Organizing in Oregon,
Petititions in Seattle,
Protests and logos in Victoria,
Protests, talks and workshops in Vienna.

Ready for a Change

by Leif Lønne

Computer Security

RetroShare: instant messaging and file sharing
Tor: web browsing
GPG: email
FileVault 2 or BitLocker: disk encryption
Tails: operating system

For further discussion please refer to our forum.

Cut the Cuts

by IOPS Melbourne

Things we've discussed

This is a selection of discussions we've had.

Thoughts on Poll and Interim Phase July 2014
What now? June 2014
Community Rights as Organizing Strategy March 2014
Unconditional Basic Income January 2014
Ethics of IOPS February 2013
IOPS Development November 2012
A Shared Vision August 2012
Odd Shared Experience and Confusion June 2012
Man-Made Climate Change I and II June 2012
Towards a Credible International May 2012
Media and IOPS (ICC) April 2012
A Priority, a Problem, and a Solu

Événements à venir

The Wednesday Action Group


Wednesday, 11:30 - 13:00

525 Collins St, Melbourne


IOPS London Social


Friday, 19:00 - 23:00

17 Amhurst Terrace, Hackney Downs E8 2BT

The 4th Annual Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair


Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

Translating Anarchy

AUG 10

Sunday, 18:00 - 20:00

The Common House, Unit 5E, 5 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, E2 9QG

make a donation

While IOPS is in an interim stage, please consider making a one time donation to help pay towards the costs of hosting, maintenance, and ongoing feature innovations of the website. Note that one time donations will eventually be replaced by membership dues. If one time donations exceed the above mentioned costs, funds will be saved for future use!

Nouveaux groupes


Andhra Pradesh, India

Fondé(e): 28th Jul 2014

San Carlos

California, United States

Fondé(e): 24th Jul 2014


Suffolk, England

Fondé(e): 22nd Jul 2014


Maharashtra, India

Fondé(e): 21st Jul 2014

Interesting Reads

Life After Capitalism was a conference within the conference at the World Social Forum 2003 hosted by Z which was an important point for the discussions which eventually led to IOPS.

Fanfare for the Future is a three volume set written by Michael Albert, Mandisi Majavu, Mark Evans, David Marty and Jessica Azulay detailing a self contained presentation of theory, vision and strategy.

The so-called science wars include a number of exchanges about science, rationality, post-modernism and their relevance for the left.

Participatory Economics (Parecon) is an economic vision put forth by Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel.

Poll on IOPS Future

Closed end: 23 July 2014

As you know, the deadline for our interim targets for moving toward a founding convention was June 12. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in meeting these targets. In preparation for…


Do you feel that we should remove or retain the conditions we earlier set for holding a founding convention?

remove preconditions (164)
retain preconditions (75)

Total: 239

Do you agree that operating chapters should take initiative in coming events, whether planning a convention (agenda, procedures at convention, place, etc.) or attaining the earlier set preconditions for having a convention and then planning it?

responsibility and initiative should move to chapters and overall membership (145)
responsibility and initiative should stay with ICC and overall membership (90)

Total: 235

Do you think we should define an operating chapter as a local working group with ten people or more participating regularly, or as a local working group with five people or more participating regularly?

at least 10 (49)
at least 5 (188)

Total: 237

If a convention plan is developed by operating chapters and it is to be held in a country other than your own, would you attend?

yes (85)
no (153)

Total: 238

If it is to be held in your country, but not your city, would you attend?

yes (185)
no (53)

Total: 238

If there are costs for venues, helping people attend, etc., would you donate to help?

no (75)
$50 (102)
$100 (38)
$250 (12)
$500 (10)
$1000 or more (2)

Total: 239

Total Number of Voters: 245