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The Book Shelf

Imagine that IOPS has become a flourishing organization with an active research institute devoted to the study and development of the foundations, principles and institutions necessary for achieving a participatory society. The institute is rightly renowned for its well-equipped library of titles that are relevant for its research.

This forum is intended to build a repository of (references to) some of the most important texts that should be found in that future institute’s library, in order to serve members and others who work on developing alternative institutions.


A member who has read a book and thinks it's an important text that should be in the future institute’s collection can start a new topic here with the title of the book. In the introductory posting one should give more complete bibliographic data, like the full title, author, date, publisher, ISBN, and if possible relevant links (for instance a link to a review).

Once such a topic is created, the reply feature can be used for a more extensive description and critical discussion. Why is the book important, what are its main points and ideas, etc. Members are encouraged to subscribe to book topics of their interest, because discussions on a book may be started or picked up again long after the topic was originally posted.