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Reimagining IOPS

Lambert Meertens
16th Apr 2016

(See also my blog posting on this topic.)

This topic is devoted to brainstorming about possible and impossible ideas for improving or re-inventing IOPS.

As far as I'm concerned, no idea offered here in honesty is off limits. Even when impossible, it may contain in its core a seed that can be developed into something valuable. So please be creative and do not feel constrained. The more ideas, the better, and wild ideas are particularly welcome here!
I have opened this topic on purpose in the Pre-members Forum to allow the possibility of input from non-members. Of course, that is a risky move, as it opens the door to Internet trolls. Should such critters rear their heads here, please, please, just ignore them. Do not feed them; they live on the consternation they cause.
A collage of Post-it notes from a brainstorming session
Please recall the most important rule of brainstorming: build up, do not break down.

Very likely, you will not like some (or all) ideas offered here. And then you may feel the urge to enlighten all of us as to what is wrong with them. That is just natural. But, please, don't. Instead, channel your criticism into searching for a valuable aspect – even ideas you strongly dislike contain some valuable aspect – and building on it to develop an idea that you do like.

The floor is open.

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