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IOPS-NYC Meetup at "Relief & Resistance" Organization for a Free Society Monthly Event

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Date: Wednesday, 28th November 2012
Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Repeating: none
Category: Meetings

To all IOPS members, please join IOPS-NYC at the Organization for a Free Society's (OFS)  November Open Meeting...

Wedensday, November 28th,
The Brecht Forum, 451 West Street(Between Bank and Bethune), NYC
IOPS members will be meeting at 6:30pm to introduce ourselves, talk about our work in NYC and figure out next steps. 
We will then attend the OFS event: 

Relief & Resistance: Transforming Disaster Response 
In what was the largest Atlantic Hurricane ever recorded, Hurricane Sandy killed at least 193 people in 7 countries. In the United States, the storm was felt most severely in New York City and the New Jersey coastline, leaving millions of people without power, transportation, heat, hot water, homes or food for days and—in many areas—weeks. Government and charitable organizations responded with blatant inconsistency by serving some areas with urgency while abandoning historically oppressed and less-resourced communities. Meanwhile, climate change was laid bare as a tangible and present threat when rising sea surface temperatures greatly magnified this storm’s force. Many of us who had organized in the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, saw both the void in relief efforts and the opportunity to again link our current crisis with its systemic causation. Occupy Sandy has brought new values and approaches of solidarity, community building, and organizing to disaster response.
Growing global austerity policies coupled with a changing climate means that crisis will be felt by an ever-wider spectrum of people. The emergence of Occupy Sandy has presented a unique opening to discuss what it means to organize in this political, economic, and environmental landscape in crisis. One part of this is framing—while many wondered how to revive “Occupy,” it wasn’t until something completely out of anyone’s control gave it a new relevance. Another part is tactics—meeting people's needs through relief and recovery work is becoming a central part of a broader political strategy. And perhaps another piece is the place of politics in crisis response—the where, when, and how it fits in to our practice.

At this meeting, we'd like to deepen this discussion by looking at the following questions.

1. Where do crisis relief and movement-building come together? What does their intersection look like? What values and vision must guide the ways we bring them together?

2. What does the Charity model look like and how is it different fro solidarity and community-building? How has Occupy Sandy demonstrated these models? What are some examples of practical Frontline, community-oriented solutions?

3. With the power of fossil fuel companies going unchecked, it is clear that climate change is going to generate more global disasters, with ever-more consistency and consequences. How can the ways we structure our relief work reflect our recognition that more of this is coming? How can we vision for the long-term both in these moments and in-between?

We invite all who want to present responses to any of the above questions to come with a prepared 3-5 minute presentation. We hope that everyone will participate in the open discussion that follows.

This is an opportunity for those of us who are not professional theorists to theorize in an open and supportive environment. We urge you to give it a try.
If you are presenting, please keep your piece as accessible as possible and avoid unnecessary jargon or obscure references. Please be on time!
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For questions or concerns contact IOPS-NYC admin, Jon Doe. Thanks. 

Venue: The Brecht Forum
Address: 451 West Street(Between Bank and Bethune, near W12 and the Westside Highway), NYC
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