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The interim International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) was launched in 2012 with the aim of winning a better world.

IOPS is, currently, in an interim stage, leading up to a founding convention when the membership will determine the organization's definition in more detail.

Please watch our introductory video, scroll through our slideshow and learn more About IOPS.


IOPS seeks to win a new participatory society based on solidarity, equity/justice, diversity, self-management, and ecological stewardship, through:

  • flexibly exploring and adovcating long term vision
  • planting the seeds of the future in the present
  • empowering and improving the lives of its members
  • organising in an internally classless and self-managing way
  • winning changes in society that improve the lives of people in the present

Read the IOPS Mission Statement


IOPS flexibly explores and organises around a broad vision of a future society. IOPS Vision centrally addresses:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Culture/Race
  • Kinship/Gender
  • Ecology
  • International Relations

Read the IOPS Vision Statement


In order to give every member a proportional say in the decisions that affect them (self-management), IOPS is organised around a bottom-up structure, based on a federation of interconnected local, regional and national branches.

Local chapters have control over decisions that only affect them and proportional say in regional, national and international issues.

Read the IOPS Structure and Programme Statement.


Currently, IOPS is in a creation stage. By joining now, you become an interim member. A convention, or series of conventions, will be planned, for membership to determine the organization's definition in more detail.

IOPS is open for anyone wishing to join who shares the commitments in the organizational description and agrees to actively participate in the life of the organization. If you have any questions before joining, please see:

To become an interim member, Join IOPS.

Ready for a Change

by Leif Lønne


Organizing and bookfairs in Dublin
Bookfairs in Kent
Organizingtalks and other events in London
Banners, marches and cultural events in New York
Organizing in Montana
Organizing and tabling in Oregon
Petititions in Seattle
Protests and logos in Melbourne
Protests, talks and workshops in Vienna


by Claire Bruhn

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Please bear in mind that, although we realize the utility of social media, we are critical of the corporations behind those websites.

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Mutual-Aid Network, Tool-Share, Skill-Share (MANTSSS)

see the resources tab at the top-right of our chapter page for details

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Here are some interviews with members about IOPS including Cynthia PetersDavid MartyElizabeth MeadeFlorian Zollmann, Jermaine ChambersJustin Podur, Michael Albert (20122014), Noam ChomskyPaul Street and Verena Stresing.

You can find further testimonials of members here.

There is also an open letter from our consultative committee including Eva Golinger, John Pilger, Vandana Shiva and others which can be found here.

No more bosses

by Antonio Carty

Class War

by IOPS Melbourne

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By Michael Albert (CONT 1,2 & 3)   Participatory Planning Will Destroy Efficiency This critic says having a participatory economy will cause our economic lives to involve too much waste of effort. We will either fail to produce…

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Fondita: 5th Feb 2016

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Fondita: 4th Jan 2016


Aust-Agder Fylke, Norway

Fondita: 29th Dec 2015


Geghark'unik'i Marz, Armenia

Fondita: 28th Dec 2015

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Closed end: 30 December 2015

Thanks for the opportunity IOPS give me, and for anyone who will act on this poll.


Do you think that IOPS should begin a real approach to masses, pushing aside the mere ideological-intellectual context, and start working to become the really first global political party ?

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