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Minutes March 2016

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Meeting - 1 March 2016


What to do about IOPS?

-Should we reboot IOPS
-Should we start a new group with heavyweights still supporting. Change the name?Use IOPS to create and spread knowledge about prefiurativism.

IOPS has values already worked out.
Potentially linking with international groups.

Not really active.
Were not really inspired by what other groups were doing.

What do we want to do?

A libratarian socialist school where we learn about things and move towards a libratarian socialist society.Supporting people with organising and then do education and actions. Linking with groups nationally.
Ways to act-
1) Supporting other groups to function better
2)Joining groups and changing how they function
3) Doing our own projects

Using IOPS to use our skills to promote prefiguratism. Using our skills to promote prefiguratism. Using our skills to support prefiguratism and teaching activists and the general public . Stay using IOPS. Link groups in the left.

[Radical Assemby started as different groups and campaigns meeting up however people got burnt out because there was too many events.
What can we learn from the Radical Assembly? Most were single issue campaigns]

Trying to make prefiguratism happen. Thinking about prefiguratism and education.
IOPS  is an organisation which is building towards a better society with education.

So what we decided we would like to do is have readings and working groups.

We have decided to stay in IOPS.


Next meeting- if it clashes with plan c - 29 March.


Daniel fascilitating and David minutes

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