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London Chapter Meeting Minutes - 30 June 2015

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London Chapter Meeting - 30 June 2015

Theory Discussion:

Plan C

Plan Taxonomy:

  • Plan A: neoliberalism

  • Plan B: social democracy/Keynesianism

  • Plan B+: social democracy appealing to direct action and grassroots organisations (e.g. Podemos, Syriza and possibly UK Green Party)

  • Plan C: Radical politics

Social Strike:

  • cuts across economic sectors and appeals to the users (i.e. public)

  • 3 purposes of strike actions

  • disruption (of capitalism)

  • visibility (of workers' role in society)

  • socialism (i.e. a form of prefiguratism - working together; finding alternatives)

  • validity of strike action

  • to what effect does it affect the poor

  • generally rich can weather it out, but poor are disproportionately affected

  • strategic validity

  • needs to be seen as a tool and consequences balanced against prospective goals

Directional Demands:

  • similar to transitional demands (old Left terminology)

Activist Scene:

Radical Assembly (RA)

  • What does it offer that isn't already available through single issue campaigns (i.e. Radical Housing Network)?

  • radical education

  • umbrella goup (i.e. network)

  • framework that can act in times of public discontent

  • i.e. a form of organisational preparation that allows experimentation re: bottom-up democracy

  • Possible problems

  • dissipation for lack of focus

  • should rather focus on something first and build on this organisation that develops from focus


  • needs to change

  • language should be more positive and accessible

  • must remember we are specialists; and therefore use specialised language not always understood by those not directly involved

  • however, politics affects all so it is imperative that people are involved and specialisms not be alienating (RB: similar to Aristotle's argument against oligarchy)

  • must explain jargon and terminology

  • must use more positive language

Action Points and Roles:

  • Facilitator: Alex

  • Minutes: David

  • Reading: 

  • either Alex (Keynesianism) or Rob (Abahlali baseMjondolo - South African shack dwellers democractic movement).

  • Social: Elephant and Castle occupation (David to confirm)

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