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London Chapter Meeting May 2015 Minutes

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Minutes IOPS Monthly Chapter meeting 28 May 2015

Present: Daniel, Rob, David - Apologies, Sofa 

Rob and David to join Daniel in Radical Assembly planning [Have they already had a meeting?]

 Sofas ideas around violence article etc in parking space

 Web presence stuff in parking space

 Rob to talk to Sofa about Peace News stuff. David and Daniel not going.

 Meetings 7-9pm from now on. 

 Daniel to send around Plan C reading.

David reported back on South East London General Radical Assembly. A trade union group has been formed which David has joined and is excited about. 

We talked to a member of black revs. Daniel to contact him about learning more...

David interested on discussing intersectionality and revolutionary strategy, and the idea of organising around housing.

 David to be on a debate panel on revolution at King's College play on 5th June

 Upcoming first meeting of the Alternative Institutions working group with non-IOPS members.

 Next meeting:

Failitator: Daniel

RB: Daniel (as upcoming facilitator) can you please publish to the website the proposed Agenda on 9th June?

Minutes: Rob

Reading leader: David

Social on the 9th at London Bridge

RB: Rob to publish to website Social on 2nd June

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