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The Trouble With Pigs

The pigs I am referring to are the pigs of George Orwell’s Animal Farm: the Communists. The animals that think they are ‘more equal’ than others. As a ‘pig’ myself, this is not an argument against pigs. Rather,…

Why Capitalism Cannot be Reformed

There are many people who regard themselves as left-wing who do not want to get rid of capitalism. Not only Ed Miliband, leader of the so-called Labour Party, & the Green Party in Brighton who are cutting council worker wages, but…

Your Money is Not Safe!

What’s happening in Cyprus is hugely significant. Cypriots are having the money in their bank accounts taken by the government. The question people are now asking is if it can happen in Cyprus, can it happen anywhere? To understand what…

In/Out: Cameron's False Choice

The British people will vote whether to remain part of the European Union or not by 2018. Cameron’s promise of a referendum suits the Tories electorally. It should defuse the threat from UKIP & damage Labour’s chances of winning…

Creating Another World

How do we create another world? One way to consider is to build another world on-line that reflects our core values & has the functionality that people need & want. The likes on Google & Facebook attempt to provide this & their…

IOPS at the Anarchist Bookfair

Michael Albert is visiting England next week to promote IOPS (International Organisation for a Participatory Society). John Keeley asked him some questions. John Keeley - Michael, you are coming to England to speak at the Anarchist Bookfair…

What kind of anti-capitalist organisation?

First we need to understand why the left in Britain has been weak. For most, if not all of the 20th century, the majority of the British working class felt they were getting better off; that there was progress of sort & they could reasonably…

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