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Steps to revolution [video]

  My broad thoughts on revolutionary strategy [edited and re-uploaded] The aim is to create an introduction to revolutionary strategy for people who are new to this area.  Feedback welcome. Thanks for all the comments so far. …

Video: 'Liberal' myths about globalization

  Feedback welcome. If anyone is interested in working on anti-capitalist videos with me, give me a shout.    (Also, if people like the video, I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel)

UK aid and modern imperialsim

  Thought some people may find this vid interesting. Regards

Newest Projects

Youth Education

This project is for anyone interested in radical youth education.   We could maybe use this space to discuss ideas, keep each other updated and support each other.   Websites of groups already…

Globalisation YouTube Video Help

Hi all, I would like some feedback on a YouTube video I have made before making it public. The video critiques a Crash Course video on Globalisation. The first thing I am interested in is whether all…

Anti-UK imperialism blog

I have  ablog called 'Ending UK imperialism and corporate unnaccountability' at Daviddominic.blogspot.com Feedback welcome! 

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