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IOPS London Strategy meeting

Strategy meeting summary (17/02/2015)    What is IOPS London?   We discussed the question ‘what is IOPS London?’ There was some general agreement on what IOPS London does, but there is still a lot to discuss.  …

Meeting Minutes 27th Jan

IOPS London meeting minutes Tuesday 27/01/2015 Present: Rob, Marc, John, David, Daniel Apologies: Simon (sorry if I missed any other person who sent their apologies) I) Theory discussion:   It was agreed that no minutes…

London meeting minutes

IOPS London meeting minutes 06/01/2015 Present: Preeti, Rob, Marc, John, Rex, David Apologies: Simon, Lucy   ‘How we operate’ Rename document- Marc (RB: with RB's support) to rename the ‘Tasks…

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