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Minutes from Aug Meeting

Minutes 25th Aug 2015 Discussion of Keynesian economics, and Alex explained differences to classical and Marxian ideas. Discussed the merits of Keynes' ideas and whether Corbyn can do good for the country, considering theeconomic situation…

Minutes 28th July Chapter Meeting

David reported on college and DPAC action. Rob reported on hacker parties and other internet security studd   Theory discussion We had a discussion of Abahlali baseMjondolo and Rob taught David how to pronounce it. We thought that they…

London Chapter Meeting May 2015 Minutes

Minutes IOPS Monthly Chapter meeting 28 May 2015 Present: Daniel, Rob, David - Apologies, Sofa  Rob and David to join Daniel in Radical Assembly planning [Have they already had a meeting?]  Sofas ideas around violence article etc…

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