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June Meeting


Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00

UCL Institute of Education lobby


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IOPS London minutes May 2016

IOPS Meeting - 03/05/2016 Discussion on Black Lives Matter *When engaged in anti-racism (and I imagine other identity-based activities) we have to ask "What does our action achieve?" *How can we be critical supporters? *Safe spaces are for…

IOPS London March Meeting Minutes

  IOPS London meeting minutes: 29th March 2016.   Reading discussion   Presencing Institute: Has 35,000 people involved mainly young professionals Lots of similar ideas to IOPS. Social problems are like an iceberg and we don't…

Minutes from Aug Meeting

Minutes 25th Aug 2015 Discussion of Keynesian economics, and Alex explained differences to classical and Marxian ideas. Discussed the merits of Keynes' ideas and whether Corbyn can do good for the country, considering theeconomic situation…

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