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The importance of structure

An interesting article about the importance of non hierarchical structures and their potential limitations.https://opendemocracy.net/transformation/liam-barringtonbush/structuring-our-beloved-communities

IOPS London

Three priorities: Long Term Growth I basically think that IOPS London cant achieve a whole lot without becoming a real organisation with a concious and commited membership. What is a concious and commited member? Answer: Members who have been…

Gender and Race Issues

One of the Occupy movement's most notable successes has been to link the political system and the economic system into one question of inequality. As a consequence Occupy has had much to say about democracy, capitalsim, the fincial secter and…

Newest Projects

IOPS London - Best Practices

This project is intended to collect and develop the organisational practices that have proven effective in IOPS London meetings.  Identifying and refining these practices will facilitate effective…