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Undertow - Space to grow

      'Nourishing grains have no flowers. Just words are not ornate, great joy does not bring laughter. Flowering plants necessarily bear fruit, all fruits contain pits; and in their pits is a bitter tasting kernel. ' Yellow…

Seeing the world - OR Three proposals

      What does it mean to create a new society? We have a vision of another world, a tree which we understand because we can imagine a forest, a path we want to take because we like the destination. But do we know it? Do we…

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IOPS London Meeting (30 September 2014) Minutes

IOPS London Chapter Meeting (30 September 2014) Minutes ACTION POINTS: Next IOPS Meeting: - Facilitator: Julia - Co-facilitator: Joel Here (http://www.seedsforchange.org.uk/facilitationmeeting) is the document by Seeds for Change on facilitation.…

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