Ensalut Aliĝi al IOPS
Welcome to the IOPS Enfield Chapter!

What can I do?

1) Get to know people in your local chapters, by sending them a message.

2) Check out the forum for posts and topics.

3) View other chapters to meet new people.

When we get more people in this chapter we can meet up and get to know each other in person.

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Formalising IOPS Chapters and Branches

So far over 3,000 people from around the world have signed up to interim IOPS, committing to building a self-managed federated international organisation around winning a vision of a future society described in the IOPS vision statement. Following…

An introduction to Participatory Economics

Last week I gave a presentation on Participatory Economics to an audience in Nottingham. I was invited by the Cafe Economique, a discussion group who hold regular events and talks around political and economic issues. Some of the members of…

Hi, nice to meet you. So what is IOPS?

When meeting and mingling with new people, the conversation often inevitably evolves with me saying that I am a member of IOPS, which then elicits the question “so what is IOPS?”Rather then thinking up each time how to answer the…

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