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The importance of structure

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An interesting article about the importance of non hierarchical structures and their potential limitations.


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  • Kristi Doyne-Bailey 8th Sep 2014

    excellent article...great start to my day....thanx matt...

  • Alex of... 8th Sep 2014

    how many things could i quote, oh my! kinship=kinship squared

    "But those structures, just like their hierarchical counterparts, can become oppressive when used too rigidly, playing into wider social privilege and bestowing undue influence on those who know the systems best." ...intent...fear...

  • Reda Acted 9th Sep 2014

    Thank you. I found the link within this article to the "The Tyranny of Structure" by Jo Green very helpful as well.

    • Reda Acted 9th Sep 2014

      sorry, I mean * "Tyranny of StructureLESSNESS"

    • Reda Acted 10th Sep 2014

      ...by Jo Freeman