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IOPS London Meeting Report

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Meeting Tuesday 29 July 2012
Theory discussion: Participatory Economics vs Market Socialism
Attendees read Participatory Democracy and Participatory Economics, by Adam Weiss http://zcomm.org/znetarticle/a-comparison-of-economic-democracy-and-participatory-economics-by-adam-weiss/ 
We talked about the differences between the two proposals, and particularly what the inherent issues within markets may be. We also talked about how we would like to see examples of aspects of the models in practice. 
1) Report back on Actions and activities
We did not really talk about what we're currently involved in. Instead, we jumped to what we might be involved in going forward.
Mark Weaver proposed that going forward the IOPS-London group support the noTTIP organising, together.
There was consensus on this point. We had a short discussion about what our involvement might look like. However, it was agreed that IOPS London should attend the Saturday 2 August planning meeting and feedback to the group what is needed and then consider what we have the capacity to support.
Laura and Sofa are attending the planning meeting. Laura will report back to the rest of the IOPS-London chapter about the planning meeting so we can consider how we can best support the noTTIP campaign together as IOPS London.
Laura proposed that we produce an IOPS London leaflet in support of noTTIP. Mark will draft this and send IOPS-London a link to his draft on Pirate Pad. Everyone can then comment on the draft and make any justments.
    A. Mark to draft noTTIP support statement
    B. Laura to feedback on outcome of noTTIP planning meeting on 2 August [Actioned]
    C. One IOPS member to attend noTTIP planning meetings going forward and report back to the group

2) Feedback on IOPS Projects that London members are active in

Power Beyond Privilege
Sofa has talked about these at IOPS meetings before. Preeti confirmed that they are going ahead.  Everyone in the room expressed interest in attending. As such, Mark suggested that we make them a form of "IOPS-London Training workshops". It was agreed that Preeti would put information up on the website.
Mark also said that he would approach London Roots Collective about whether they would be open to faciltiating some of the workshops going forward.
    A. Preeti to add the Project on the IOPS website (actioned, see here: http://www.iopsociety.org/projects/power-beyond-privilege)
    B. Mark to ask London Roots Collective about facilitation training.
Media Club
Mark Weaver expressed interest in establishing a radical media club project. After some discussion it was agreed that IOPS London would like to participate in such a project collectively. It was agreed that Mark would post up suggestions for interesting media to watch, read, listen to - and that IOPS London members would discuss at social events going forward. 
    A. Mark to post link to something for members to discuss at next social event. ACTIONED. Mark posted a link  (http://www.iopsociety.org/events/iops-london-social) to this Chris Crass interview
  A. Mark to start a media club project (actioned, see here: http://www.iopsociety.org/england/greater-london/projects/radical-media-club).
 Video Production
 Sophie to start a video production project. We would like to interview inspiring activist groups. Everyone to think of possible groups to interview.
IOPS International Active Chapter Coordinating Meetings
Rob fed-back information received from Sofa about the first IOPS International Active Chapter Coordinating Meeting she attended for IOPS-London. Rob also said that there were a number of questions that the Committee has asked the London chapter about membership and attendance, as well as IOPS-London chapter development. There were 7 questions in total. These were discussed in the meeting. Preeti took notes of our agreed responses. Preeti will send these to Rob so he can feedback to the international Committee.
   A. A question arose about using PPS-UK bank accounts - Preeti to write to Jason, Michael Albert and Rob about bank account (Preeti has now done this and forwarded Jason's response to the International Committee).
  B. We have decided that we need rotating volunteers for Skype chats with other IOPS chapters.
  C. Preeti to send Rob answers to IOPS chapter questionnaire (done).
  D. Rob to add information Preeti sends to the international Committee's Google doc and highlight that he has done so when he attends the next international meeting (2 August) for IOPS-London 
3) Strategy
Developing IOPS Strategy going forward.
Everyone agreed we'd like to do this, but a number of members said that they would prefer to have some time to review how other groups have developed organisationally - adn learn from previous groups and struggled before creating their own strategy. Mark will consider this and make a proposal for a IOPS London Strategy Project.
   A. Mark to make a suggestion for an IOPS London Strategy Project
4) Next IOPS Meeting
Theory: Mark to do a presentation next meeting on Tim Gee ' Counterpower' and to email chapters for the group to read prior to the next meeting and chapter to continue to discuss strategy and actions, with a view to putting ideas into practise. 
2 September 6-9pm.
Facilitation: Rob Bennie
 Minutes: Preeti Kaur
* Practice sessions on being able to articular what IOPS is about, and describe the current problems in society today (e.g. environment). Could be done at skills-shares going forward.
   A. Mark Weaver to send recommended reading and prepare presentation
   B. Preeti to create an event page for the meeting on IOPS and write an agenda
5) Next IOPS Social
It was agreed that at most socials we would have time to do banner making, discuss strategy or items posted in the media Project etc. However, at the next social we will support an anti-fracking fundraiser. This will be helpd on Fri 8th Aug, Reclaim the Power Fundraiser (£5 waged, voluntary donations from unwaged), The Russet, 17 Amhurst Terrace, Hackney Downs, E8 2BT. Event starts at 8pm but we will meet at 7pm for group discussion.
   A. Preeti to set up IOPS event page (actioned, see here:  http://www.iopsociety.org/events/iops-london-social)
6) Other announcements
Preeti reminded everyone to please support and attend Sunday 10 August "Translating Anarchy" talk: http://www.iopsociety.org/events/translating-anarchy. Please join us at the Common House from 5pm for food (please bring some food!) - and stay for the talk from 6pm. Please confirm your attendance on the website! 
Daniel provided information about two new courses were mentioned Configuring teh World https://www.coursera.org/course/configuringworld  

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  • Titas Biswas 14th Aug 2014

    Great to see a lady post - at last.

    • Preeti Kaur 21st Aug 2014

      Hi Titas, great to see someone from India online. Jane, Sarah and I often post blogs and articles. I'm sure other women do also - although perhaps not as many as men! I don't know. I hope you're enjoying your time on the site.

    • Titas Biswas 21st Aug 2014

      Well,I am more on the side of discovery than enjoyment when on IOPS.

  • Sarah Owens 14th Aug 2014

    How many attended the meeting, Preeti?

    • Preeti Kaur 21st Aug 2014

      8 people. We usually have between 7 - 14 attend.

  • Reda Acted 16th Aug 2014

    Thank you for posting. You've given me some great ideas.

    • Preeti Kaur 21st Aug 2014

      Great! I look forward to hearing more about your initiatives in Dallas.