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How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State   A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction   By Nafeez Ahmed   A special report published…

Villages for the Future by Bob Corker

https://vimeo.com/174614650       This is an interesting presentation about how to set up an eco-village. Important to note- he recommends not doing consenous decision making and  does recommend having trustees. Try not…

IOPS London blog

IOPS London now does its on-line work on our own website: https://iopslondon.wordpress.com

Minutes March 2016

Meeting - 1 March 2016GreetingsWhat to do about IOPS?-Should we reboot IOPS-Should we start a new group with heavyweights still supporting. Change the name?Use IOPS to create and spread knowledge about prefiurativism.Pros:IOPS has values already…

Minutes from Aug Meeting

Minutes 25th Aug 2015 Discussion of Keynesian economics, and Alex explained differences to classical and Marxian ideas. Discussed the merits of Keynes' ideas and whether Corbyn can do good for the country, considering theeconomic situation…

London Chapter Meeting Minutes - 30 June 2015

London Chapter Meeting - 30 June 2015 Theory Discussion: Plan C Plan Taxonomy: Plan A: neoliberalism Plan B: social democracy/Keynesianism Plan B+: social democracy appealing to direct action and grassroots organisations (e.g. Podemos, Syriza…

London Chapter Meeting May 2015 Minutes

Minutes IOPS Monthly Chapter meeting 28 May 2015 Present: Daniel, Rob, David - Apologies, Sofa  Rob and David to join Daniel in Radical Assembly planning [Have they already had a meeting?]  Sofas ideas around violence article etc…

Newest Projects

London Chapter Video Project

This project is a place to start discussing potential video productions IOPS London could create together. As discussed at the 29.07.14 chapter meeting, one format could be interviewing inspiring local…

Radical Media Club

For this project we will choose a monthly media post [a podcast, article, video] that explores themes and issues around strategy and organising. These might be priviledge, leadership, winning victories,…

Youth Education

This project is for anyone interested in radical youth education.   We could maybe use this space to discuss ideas, keep each other updated and support each other.   Websites of groups already…

London activist events

Events calendar hosted on the Occupy London website.

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Greater London, England

Founded: 31st Jul 2013

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Check in - focus on Australia

Hi all- I thought it might be nice to do another check in. This time about how everything is going but I am also wondering if our australian comrades want to tell us how its going down there with the heat and things. Other situations obviously…

Reading Rorty, Reading Trump

Deplorable.   Mrs Clinton cast too widely, be it a basket or a net. However her general sentiment was right. The election of Trump was the latest entry to the list of American deplorables, following from Iraq, Reaganomics, Vietnam, Jim…

Ideas for IOPS June 2016

The future of IOPS is being discused a lot at the moment. I've been one of the core organisers of the London chapter (I think this is one of only two active chapters if I'm correct?). It feels like we are going strong in London, so I thought…

What is IOPS London and what do YOU want it to be?

IOPS London members at the September 2014 meeting (which I didn't attend) asked the question "What is IOPS London and what do YOU want it to be?". It was decided that we'd discuss this question at today's meeting.   So, I started scribbling…

The importance of structure

An interesting article about the importance of non hierarchical structures and their potential limitations.https://opendemocracy.net/transformation/liam-barringtonbush/structuring-our-beloved-communities

IOPS London Meeting Minutes

IOPS London Meeting Tuesday, 2nd September 2014 9 members attended:  Rob, Sophie, Laura, Matt, JP, Daniel, David, Preeti and Paul Apologies: Mark, Tom, James, Anthony and Sofa. Paul R is away until the end of the month. Minutes by Sophie…

IOPS London Meeting Report

Meeting Tuesday 29 July 2012 Theory discussion: Participatory Economics vs Market Socialism Attendees read Participatory Democracy and Participatory Economics, by Adam Weiss http://zcomm.org/znetarticle/a-comparison-of-economic-democracy-and-participatory-economics-by-adam-weiss/ …

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