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Welcome to the London IOPS Chapter. Please come along to one of our regular meetings to get involved. See the Events page for details.

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IOPS London YouTube Channel

Hey folks   Here is a link to the youtube channel.   http://www.youtube.com/user/IOPSLondon   I couldnt resist putting a slightly silly background pic in there. If people hate it Im happy to remove it. I resisted uploading tones…

IOPS London Report: Robin Hahnel Events

Earlier in September, IOPS London hosted two events with guest speaker Robin Hahnel. Robin Hahnel is an economist at Portland State University and long time activist. He has written numerous books on political economy, traveled extensively…

Hahnel Event

The event the London IOPS chapter hosted with Robin Hahnel as a guest speaker was a great success. Here is a video of the talk on Participatory Economics:

Video streaming by Ustream

Newest Projects

Globalisation YouTube Video Help

Hi all, I would like some feedback on a YouTube video I have made before making it public. The video critiques a Crash Course video on Globalisation. The first thing I am interested in is whether all…

Open, participatory discussion & social event Jan 2013?

  Would you be interested in working together -- and with other activists groups in London -- to convene an open, and participatory, discussion with a social event following sometime at the end of…

Burns Night

A night celebrating the life and works of one of the world's great poets of democracy and egalitarianism.Since Burn's was an internationalist it will be a night to celebrate  radical and democratic…

Anti-UK imperialism blog

I have  ablog called 'Ending UK imperialism and corporate unnaccountability' at Daviddominic.blogspot.com Feedback welcome! 

Latest Polls

London Meetings Poll

Closed end: 01 June 2013

Dear IOPS Londoners131 people have signed up to interim IOPS London. That's very good news, but in order to move forward and build IOPS into…



Yes (23)
No - I'm interested in IOPS but I don't want to commit time to it currently (2)
No - I'm interested in participating but I find a formal meeting intimidating (1)
No - but I will later on once the organisation has been formalised (0)
No - I have no intention of attending meetings (0)
Other - I will explain in the comments below (2)

Total: 28


Monday evening (9)
Tuesday evening (10)
Wednesday evening (12)
Thursday evening (13)
Friday evening (9)
Saturday 11am (8)
Saturday 1pm (10)
Saturday 3pm (10)
Saturday 5pm (10)
Sunday 11am (7)
Sunday 1pm (9)
Sunday 3pm (12)
Sunday 5pm (10)

Total: 129


Once a week (1)
Once a fortnight (8)
Once a month (16)

Total: 25

Total Number of Voters: 28

Upcoming Events

Reclaim the Power April Gathering: Tottenham, London

APR 26

Saturday, 10:45 - Apr 27 Sunday, 17:00

263 High Road, Seven Sisters, London, N15 4RR


Power and Resistance


Thursday, 16:00 - May 2 Friday, 20:00

Queen Mary's Mile End campus, ArtsOne Lecture Theatre (ground floor)


March Against Monsanto

MAY 24

Saturday, 11:00 - 14:00

Houses of Parliament Old Palace Yard - London


Latest Blogs

Formalising IOPS Chapters and Branches

So far over 3,000 people from around the world have signed up to interim IOPS, committing to building a self-managed federated international organisation around winning a vision of a future society described in the IOPS vision statement. Following…

OFS Interview

Fellow IOPS members, Stephen Roblin and Jason Chrysostomou and I would like to interview three of four members of the Organisation for a Free Society in the upcoming weeks. We've worked on an introduction and come up with some (too…

Steps to revolution [video]

  My broad thoughts on revolutionary strategy [edited and re-uploaded] The aim is to create an introduction to revolutionary strategy for people who are new to this area.  Feedback welcome. Thanks for all the comments so far. …

London Solidarity Network?

Individuals active in IOPS, Anti-Capitalist Initiative, Occupy London and other organisations held their third cross-movement assembly this year entitled "Becoming a Catalyst for a Radical Social Movement in 2013," on 19 March at SOAS. The…

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Greater London, England

Founded: 31st Jul 2013


Greater London, England

Founded: 21st Feb 2013


Greater London, England

Founded: 20th Dec 2012


Greater London, England

Founded: 13th Nov 2012