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America's Poor Kids / Child Poverty In The World's Richest Country

I am just doing a quick "plug" for a TV documentary broadcast last night on BB2 (in the UK). It explores post-recession poverty in the world's richest counrty, from the perspectives of the children living through it, e.g. 11 year-old Sera:…

The Ethics of IOPS

"The most fatal error that ever happened in the world was the separation of political and ethical science" -- Percy Bysshe Shelley I've been meaning to write this piece for some time and was in part spurred into doing it by something IOPS member…

From Participatory Society to One World Consciousness

The participatory society (parsoc) vision is outlined here. For those wondering what I mean by one world consciousness and why we need it, I'll let astronomer Carl Sagan explain: “As the ancient myth makers knew we’re children equally…

Are We "A Revolutionary Organization"?

 I’ve recently been thinking about the language of IOPS and in particular the first line of our mission statement: “The International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) is a revolutionary organization…”…

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