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Check in - focus on Australia

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Hi all- I thought it might be nice to do another check in. This time about how everything is going but I am also wondering if our australian comrades want to tell us how its going down there with the heat and things. Other situations obviously also welcome.

And please forgive the propaganda picture- I forgot it had a logo til I loaded it!

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  • Bat Chainpuller 13th Feb 2017

    When one reads of or discovers something like Parecon and the reasons for its existence, one can easily be duped. One starts to naively think or feel that there is an alternative way of organising an economy or a society around a set of shared valued values. One can get all excited, feel vindicated that one's own suspicions that the current system is basically flawed, perhaps even 'evil' and feel driven, unfortunately, to evangelical action. What usually happens over time however is that one discovers a massive canyon or gap between this new found visionary toy and reality. The vision actually sits some distance away on the other side of a massive gaping rift with only lose and highly suspect, worn and unmaintained, jungle canyon rope bridges as connecting paths. Paths that most people will not want to take because they just don't trust them. Further, no matter how many times you try to clear up confusions surrounding the vision or explain it to others, it remains to them a far off dream, or not even a dream, just some outrageous idea proffered by some deluded friend or acquaintance going through some life crisis or just on some obsessive trip. Then one begins to doubt any belief at all in this new vision, this dream, this hope...there are all these other ideas that many will introduce you to. You begin to realise that you are just a babe in the woods. An untravelled inexperienced student connected now to a world of hardened activism surrounded by 'real' activists of many decades experience who begin to let you know of all debates and discussions surrounding these kinds of ideas that kills any sense of idealism you may have had. You try to embrace these things, you endeavour to open your mind to all these new ideas and visions and strategies and tactics and ways of making the world a better place but you begin to feel totally inadequate...not just physically but mentally. You try to stay connected but it just doesn't seem to be working...you become agitated at times, you respond cantankerously and sarcastically to others or according to the how you feel at the time. You doubt your own ability to understand things....you have many questions you want answered but are too scared to ask them...you even doubt the value of asking them as you become more convinced of the unlikelihood of changing anything. The world you have made contact with just doesn't seem likely to achieve what you desire. All that is left is limbo...feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place and all you tend to do is get immersed in the trivial, the bullshit of the world in order to pass as much time as possible away from this new confusing and disparate environment that is full of good people doing good things but at the same time feels completely inadequate, incapable and impotent when it comes to the idea of change. The idea of struggling continuously is admirable but just not that appealing and begins to take on the characteristics of a career choice built on some moral high ground rather than anything that will really bring about major change. All you are left with is constant doubt surrounded by constant vacillation and it can just drive you crazy. Then you get a consoling hug and the whole friggin' cycle starts again. Bring on the footy season...please.

  • Caragh - 13th Feb 2017

    Terrible manners- my check in quite sunny though so feel free to be less bouncy.

    Had a lovely day meeting IOPS people. Feeling confused about what to do in my life next but thats a normal state for me.

    Still troubled by the tree in flower on my road.

  • Rod 13th Feb 2017

    Not very much difference from last check in. Still reeling a bit from a crisis last year that eventually ended in me quitting my job. Now I'm starting to turn my eyes to the future again. I have some ideas on how to proceed, except when it comes to dealing with people and earning money. But they're just two minor things... ;)

    I've been reading about carbon footprints last week and I'm getting hopeful I might finally crack this, but it will take some more time.

  • reader 15th Feb 2017

    Somewhat overwhelmed but ready to get down to making a list and checking things off of it for the next day and the next day and the next day.
    It's been very nice visiting with family and friends in this town =0) Hugs!