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Member Testimonials

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John Pilger:

"We're at a critical stage in modern history with social democracy all but appropriated by something called corporatism. It's a drab, faceless word but it ideally explains why many of the freedoms won since the end of the second world war have been vandalised, and why so many people are confused. The iconography of the fascists of the mid-twentieth century does not apply, yet beneath the pin-striped, PR surface of corporatism is an ideology as wicked because it insinuates its ambition and inhumanity into our lives. At the same time we in so-called developed societies are distracted by the specious absurdities of 'post-modernism' and 'identity politics'. In the poor world, where the majority of humanity live and corporatism blundgeons its way with a military force of a kind never seen before, people better understand the nature of the beast. Above all, it is urgent we all make sense of it, and draw together the strands and build a resistance to the hi-jackers. In signalling the return of political imagination, IOPS is a way of beginning to achieve this."

Harpreet Paul:

"Occupations and protests from London to Madrid, Cairo to New York have rocked the world – challenging conceptions on the Left that we do not have the numbers or support to win a more just and egalitarian world. And, through many creative direct actions, challenged conceptions that we – the globalised youth – are passive, self-interested, consumer citizens as we, instead, highlight the ways in which the seeds of a better future are embodied in the present. IOPS has created a space in which we can all come together, connect, share experiences, and organize together in our joint struggle for a better world.  I hope to connect with you on the site as we share our experiences, thoughts, ideas and journeys - personal and political."


Jason Chrysostomou:

"Society is crying out for an alternative to the injustice and destruction caused by our current social systems that privilege the few above the many. The international organisation for a participatory society (IOPS) seeks to be a truly participatory and effective revolutionary force that wins progressive social change by organising itself around a flexible vision of the kind of future society we want to live in, based on self-management, solidarity, equity and diversity. By joining IOPS, you become part of a growing community of people that are committed to constructing a new world."

Mark Evans:

"The only thing elites are terrified of is a popular movement.  There is good reason for this.  A popular movement is the only force that can change the way in which society functions.  The transition from a society run by and for elites towards a truly democratic society run in the interests of the common good can only come about as a result of a popular movement.

"But how to build a popular movement?  There have been many attempts to answer this question - some more successful than others.  IOPS is the latest attempt in this long history of revolutionary organising that attempts to build on these successes whilst also learning important lessons from past mistakes.  IOPS is nothing less than an opportunity for a new generation of revolutionaries to transcend the serious flaws we typically find in old style revolutionary organising.  With its prefigurative approach to organising IOPS offers its members the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the new society we desire and need on a daily basis. My hope is that many people from every part of the world will join in this creative endeavour in constructing a new world system and in-so-doing putting an end - once and for all - to unnecessary social injustice.  If you are interested in helping build a popular organisation for revolutionary social transformation than please take a serous look at the IOPS site and consider joining."