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Suffolk, England

Founded: 22nd Jul 2014


Cheshire, England

Founded: 25th Jun 2014

London Beach

Kent, England

Founded: 24th Jun 2014


Lancashire, England

Founded: 27th May 2014

Latest Blogs

IOPS Non-member Survey Results

This blog was co-authored by Lambert Meertens and Jane Johnson.    The survey to investigate why people sympathetic to the aims of IOPS might choose not to join is now complete.  The results of the first 100 responses have been…

It's an Emergency!

The "Ministries of Truth" have been busy these past few weeks, trying to "properly frame" some truly anxiety inducing events. First ISIS swept down from Syria and through Iraq, installing a "caliphate" as they progressed. This was followed…

What Happened to the Anti-Austerity Movement?

An interesting show on Novara this week with many relevant concepts discussed. Look forward to reading your comments. Click: http://novaramedia.com/2014/06/what-happened-to-the-anti-austerity-movement/

Upcoming Events

IOPS London Social


Friday, 19:00 - 23:00

17 Amhurst Terrace, Hackney Downs E8 2BT

Translating Anarchy

AUG 10

Sunday, 18:00 - 20:00

The Common House, Unit 5E, 5 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, E2 9QG

Newest Projects

London Chapter Video Project

This project is a place to start discussing potential video productions IOPS London could create together. As discussed at the 29.07.14 chapter meeting, one format could be interviewing inspiring local…

Youth Education

This project is for anyone interested in radical youth education.   We could maybe use this space to discuss ideas, keep each other updated and support each other.   Websites of groups already…

Globalisation YouTube Video Help

Hi all, I would like some feedback on a YouTube video I have made before making it public. The video critiques a Crash Course video on Globalisation. The first thing I am interested in is whether all…

Latest News

IOPS-London Meeting Minutes

IOPS-London Summary Minutes Tuesday 24 June meeting A) THEORY: Participatory Economics  Prior to the meeting, all participants had explored Anarchist Planning for Twenty-First Century Economies: A Proposal, Robin Hahnel (available here:…

London Chapter Meeting 31 May

After a more than 12 month hiatus, the London chapter of IOPS met again on Saturday 31 May. More than 12 people joined. Thanks to everyone that made it. It was great to meet you.    For those that missed it, we discussed:  …

Report from Birmingham IOPS chapter meeting, Tuesday 5th February 2013

We were informed about a new book about the life of Michael Albert, it can be found on ibooks and is in Graphic/Comic form.  At the last meeting Tom was asked to enquire into possible venues to host the National Gathering in Birmingham.…

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