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Decentralize Everything!

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Created on: 19th March 2013
Decentralize Everything! is a movement to empower the People by building alternative self-sustainable systems that decentralize everything.

The key to empower the People is to decentralize everything. Decentralization takes power away from centralized institutions and put that power in the hands of the People. We must organize to create new decentralized local self-sufficient systems.

We lacked the technologies to decentralize our systems, but we now have those technologies and we are constantly improving those new technologies. The time has come to organize and use those new technologies to take control over our lives. We are not subject to economies of scale anymore!

We must move beyond protests and petitions. They are useful as an attempt to influence the government under situations where we would not have any power otherwise. However, there is much we can do in our communities to regain our power and become independent from corrupt centralized institutions. Here are a few ways in which we can regain our power by decentralizing our systems:

1) Food production: we can work towards producing all our food locally. That would give us control to ensure that all our food is organic and would give us security and access to food in case of a global financial collapse.

2) Energy: we can work towards producing all our energy locally. We could use distributed renewable forms of energy like solar, wind and others to gain control over energy generation and distribution.

3) Government: we can decentralize our local governments by using a participatory model of decision-making. Such a model would focus more on collaborating to find solutions to local problems together, rather than competing to have our solution implemented.

4) Production and Supply-Chain: an open source decentralized supply-chain would allow us to produce everything that we need locally. By using a combination of 3D scanners, 3D printers and 3D recyclers, we can decentralize production and make it sustainable.

5) Banking and Currency: the main source of power for the elite is centralized banking and currency. We must decentralize banking and currency by creating local co-operative banks that can issue their own local currency. This is the quickest way for us to regain our power and diminish the power of the 1%.

The internet helped us decentralize our communication and the flow of information. We can now use the same decentralized open source concept to completely change the way our society works.

Decentralization leads to self-sufficiency, and self-sufficiency renders the elite obsolete.

Organize to decentralize.

Decentralize Everything!

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