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Unconditional basic income Canada

Hi IOPSians! Posting a small update and development about the work being done for unconditional basic income in Canada. While the work towards UBI has to be non-partisan, one Liberal Party organizer and grassroots organizer, Jesse Helmer of…

Unconditional basic income Toronto planning

Hey Toronto IOPSians! As an autonomous Toronto-based IOPS-member I am in the very early brainstorming phase of organizing a coversation about unconditional basic income (or guaranteed basic income, what have you) in the Toronto community. Ideally,…

Our first meeting

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone else has been checking our chapter's page every now and then waiting for the first sign of life. I'm also wondering if there is interest in discussing our first meeting. 

IOPS and issue-based movements...

  I joined the International Organization for a Participatory Society. I don't join organizations lightly. I worked pretty intensely for a couple of years in an organization called the Canada Colombia Solidarity Campaign about ten years…

Ontario Meeting

We need to organize. It would be fantastic if we could get together and collaborate in some way. We would meet eachother face to face, plan our strategy, and collectively determine who is most capable to be the admin for Ontario. I am acting…

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