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Are radical feminists trying to take over the ICC?

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I was shocked today when I read the ICC proposals. Note the part about "large majority women", that goes against the IOPS mission, but is what I have found prevalent is not a desire for gender equality but taking over. I think most IOPS members…

How do we get iops to use Open Source free software - because this non standard shit ain't working

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Micheal Albert is visionary about economics and many other things but one thing he is not considering is that using/believing in free software is somehow anethema to parecon, or that free software peoiple only think of free software to the…

How do we get rid of quotas to women?

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Women need no quotas. Women feel too self entitled as it is. Times have changed rapidly because of the internet and so should women. If some women do not want to join iops then that is thier decsion. It shouldn't hold back a revolution, and…

IOPS: Civil Society or Labour

It has been said that there are two broad progressive movements, one based around civil society and the other around labour.  Both have common causes and utilize methods that are similar between them.  They also have a history of…

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