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Unconditional basic income Canada

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Hi IOPSians!

Posting a small update and development about the work being done for unconditional basic income in Canada.

While the work towards UBI has to be non-partisan, one Liberal Party organizer and grassroots organizer, Jesse Helmer of London, ON, is focused on passing a resolution at the Liberal Party national convention about creating a project to test an approach to basic income in Canada.

You can sign your support to the project and learn more about it, or get involved, which would be an especially great idea for anyone who's involved in the Liberal Party. It also sets out a framework for getting other parties involved.

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  • David Greenfield 24th Feb 2014

    The basic income idea is interesting, but these days I am often left wondering, in any given issue area, whether we should focus on specific issues or whether we need to go for total radical transformation. On the other hand, total transformation has to start somewhere, and organizations have to start building support somewhere.