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Activities in Calgary

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Just joined IOPS. Going to see about starting communication with other members in Calgary.

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  • Jim V 16th Dec 2012

    Was involved in Calgary Centre by election. Anyone else?
    Attended Parkland Conference at UofA in November, first time. Found it very interesting. Especially impressed with presentation by Jeff Gailus.

  • Mark Evans 16th Dec 2012

    Welcome Jim and good luck with your organising efforts in your part of the world - keep us posted with any developments!

  • Dave Jones 17th Dec 2012

    Jim, If you are involved in the fight against Tar Sands I would love to hear your take. I live in Montana not far from the pipeline route and am organizing here ( our governor and Land Board just approved lease of state lands for pipe). Are there groups we could link up with? First Nations folks who are involved?

    • Jim V 20th Dec 2012


    • Jim V 20th Dec 2012

      Hi Dave, I may not have answered you directly. Did you see my message from Dec 17?

  • Jim V 17th Dec 2012

    I am not involved, but I try to follow the issue and tweet/retweet coverage. There is a lot more protesting I the U.S. Here there are already so many pipelines cross-crossing the province it may be seen by many as "business as usual". Do you know Jeff Gailus, author of Dirty Black Lies? Canadian, lives in Montana. Has a website. Research, check out Pembina Institute. Twitter is full of coverage, may be your best bet to find protest groups, including by First Nations. Use #tarsands.

    Here is an interesting link to Pembina Institute's report on Oilsands and First Nations, looks in depth: http://pubs.pembina.org/reports/briefingnoteosfntoursep10.pdf

    Also, http://www.thetyee.ca has good Canadian coverage on a lot of social justice issues, including tarsands. They are out of BC though.

    Could try this site also, but more protests in BC over a pipeline proposal for bitumen to China: http://www.canadianprogressiveworld.com/2012/12/08/canadian-tar-sands-pipeline-protesters-dance-to-the-reggae-beat/#.UNAArmt5mK0

    This looks interesting too: http://dirtyoilsands.org/stoptheexpansion

    Good luck with everything.

    • Jim V 23rd Dec 2012

      Make that "Little Black Lies", by Jeff Gailus.

  • Dave Jones 21st Dec 2012

    Thanks for the connections Jim. This is one aspect of IOPS that may be under-appreciated, the opportunity to link up with comrades in different parts of the same region on issues which affect us all.

    The BC folks fighting Enbridge Gateway are an inspiration to us down here.

  • Jim V 23rd Dec 2012

    I agree, sharing info/strategies as well as ideas always a good thing. I find the U.S., despite its issues, is a treasure trove of invaluable NGOs, activists (ie, Hedges, Chomsky) and research of all sorts. BC activism is inspirational also for those of us in Alberta, where here conventional "thinking" (sic?) is extremely conventional. For example, the media falls over itself supporting the energy industry views and providing a platform for deniers of anthropogenic global warming. We also are the home of our Prime Minister's riding and 26 other Conservative MPs. Ugh. Good thing for global solidarity movements like IOP Society.