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Unconditional basic income Canada

Hi IOPSians! Posting a small update and development about the work being done for unconditional basic income in Canada. While the work towards UBI has to be non-partisan, one Liberal Party organizer and grassroots organizer, Jesse Helmer of…

Are radical feminists trying to take over the ICC?

I was shocked today when I read the ICC proposals. Note the part about "large majority women", that goes against the IOPS mission, but is what I have found prevalent is not a desire for gender equality but taking over. I think most IOPS members…

How do we get iops to use Open Source free software - because this non standard shit ain't working

Micheal Albert is visionary about economics and many other things but one thing he is not considering is that using/believing in free software is somehow anethema to parecon, or that free software peoiple only think of free software to the…

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Decentralize Everything!

Decentralize Everything! is a movement to empower the People by building alternative self-sustainable systems that decentralize everything. The key to empower the People is to decentralize everything.…

Occupy the Encampment

Canada Day weekend in Liverpool, Nova Scotia is "Privateer Days" celebrating the occupation of this country and the violence perpetrated against its natives. Join us to Occupy the "Historical Encampment"!

IOPS Canada

The next step for the Canadian chapter of IOPS should be organizing into councils like suggested by the parpolity model. Everyone in the Canadian chapter that wishes to participate can join this project.

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New Brunswick, Canada

Founded: 9th Jul 2014


Ontario, Canada

Founded: 26th Dec 2013


Quebec, Canada

Founded: 15th Oct 2013


Quebec, Canada

Founded: 15th Oct 2013

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