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Zen anarchy and self transformation

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In the transforming world where we live in where the economic, industrial and agricultural elements upon which we depend for our well being are in a continual state of upheaval whilst corporate interests  that seem to lack humanity and even the respect for the people whilst they control our every thought through advertising and money lending it seems to me to be the best moment to start by changing oneself.

The change that needs to take place is rooted deep within ourselves so that we can start to see things in a different way, a certain amount of trust is necessary to become aware that all that we see with our eyes and senses is not all that there is and behind the scenes exists things that we cannot even imagine at this moment, even though the media and politicians are using some of these hidden psychological keys to manipulate the masses whilst worldwide religions stand helpless on the sidelines unable to help people to understand the unknown.

To simplify the concept: To take part in the organization of the world we live in it is my vision that first I must transform myself and the way I think with the intention to create a better world for everyone,  this way  I can become free from the distractions and even the illusions that the present moment offers. By experimenting a working example of an alternative lifestyle  maybe I can have a positive effect on others and by thinking freely and openly without the old preconceptions  I  can arrive at a new understanding of the world.

I offer you this quote from an outstanding writer: You are a light that you choose to see inside yourself ~ Tony Burroughs

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  • Thomas Hallbert 14th Sep 2012

    Well said Bob,
    I agree with the idea that we have to transform within ourselves as we are brought up with values that we now are opposed to. A big deal of what needs to change is our attitudes. And I see the IOPS as one of several possible platforms to develop these changes together with other people.
    That is also why I am oposing turning IOPS into a institutional and administrative organisation for the time being.
    We need these free forums of non-authoritarian assemblies to be able to discuss internationally, without being a brick in another wall.

    • Atomic Bob 16th Sep 2012

      Thanks Thomas, yes IOPS looks like a great place for developing change, getting feedback on our ideas and communicating them with others.

  • 14th Sep 2012

    Thanks so much for your post.
    Here's to discerning what's good and interesting in ourselves and the world.
    All the best~

  • Lambert Meertens 15th Sep 2012

    I see the change in ourselves, after our eyes have opened, as a continual process of growth. When our eyes have opened and we seek to create a better world for everyone, what we still have to learn is to embrace the spirit of community, which means we have to learn to listen and accept and trust, for we cannot do this as individuals, we can only do it in togetherness, and we can only do this together if we care for each other and trust each other.

    I strongly believe that we must not wait for the change in ourselves to be completed before we reach out to others, because it is in doing so that we learn and grow and change, and can help each other learn and grow and change.

    • Atomic Bob 16th Sep 2012

      Absolutely, there is no time like the present!

  • giuseppe volpe 16th Sep 2012

    Commento in italiano, perchè il mio inglese è sufficiente a comprendere ma non a esprimermi efficacemente.
    Direi che gli interessi delle grandi imprese non è che "sembrano" mancare di umanità e di rispetto per la gente. E' la mancanza di umanità e di rispetto che consente loro di essere quello che sono. Ma questa è, riconosco, una puntualizzazione banale.
    L'idea di cambiare noi stessi per (tentare di) cambiare il mondo è senza dubbio validissima ma necessita forse di qualche approfondimento.
    Io credo che il processo di cambiamento sia interattivo e iterativo.
    E' interattivo perché si cambia in funzione di riflessione ed esperienza. L'esperienza deriva, direttamente o indirettamente, dall'interagire con il mondo. Il modo in cui interagiamo con il mondo lo cambia (per quanto poco e magari solo localmente) o lo conferma per quel che è. Nell'agire, in altri termini, imparo e insegno.
    L'iteratività del processo sta nel fatto che, almeno secondo me, per ogni passo avanti che facciamo nel consolidare/ampliare una visione del mondo e dell'agire nel mondo alcune posizioni che tenevamo in precedenza per solide vanno riconsiderate e aggiustate. In altre parole si agisce, si riflette sul risultato delle azioni, si cambia interiormente e nei modi di agire e si agisce di nuovo, e si cambia di nuovo eccetera. L'apprendimento è continuo e "gli esami non finiscono mai".
    Per questo motivo il processo di cambiamento interiore/sociale è contestuale e consiste principalmente in un'assunzione di rischi, nel mettersi in gioco, accettando di non arrivare mai a una verità definitiva nè per noi nè per gli altri ma coltivando la fiducia e investendo energie nel progredire insieme.
    Mettersi in gioco significa anche, accettando di sbagliare e accettando la provvisorietà delle nostre conquiste, tentare di modificare il mondo in modo tale che si creino presupposti perché altri possano intuire, sapere, riflettere, cambiare sè stessi e il mondo parallelamente a noi.
    In modo piuttosto contorto e confusionario, quel che sto cercando di dire è che non esiste, sempre secondo me, una priorità del cambiare sè stessi rispetto al cambiare, per quel che ci riesce, il mondo. Le due cose vanno di pari passo nel processo di rendere concreti i valori che condividiamo.

    • Atomic Bob 16th Sep 2012

      Daccordo anche a me sembra giusto andare avanti così di pari passo, sforzandoci di cambiare noi stesso e il mondo nel modo migliore possiblè, mi piace dire sbagliando si impare!

  • Atomic Bob 16th Sep 2012

    Its good to take some time out to be alone with oneself and visualize the world and our worldly projects as we see them in perfection, but then it is equally important to be able to confront your ideas with others, ideally in a stress free environment like IOPS, so as to give our ideas life.

    We live in a multicultural world, I believe that everybody has their own temperament and are entitled to their own way of life. Being British and living with a Sicilian family is my example of that, personally my own mission is to live in harmony with my children; to create a functional family where all participants are happy whatever the economic situation. It is like miniature politics, mostly you can be democratic, though on occasion I feel it is good, with wisdom that some rules are needed, thats my personal opinion.

    I see European politics as a dysfunctional family, firstly anybody who loses their temper has entered into a zone where they are no longer present, presence is of the utmost importance and politicians have to be extremely thick skinned, impervious to the attempts by there counterparts to unnerve them, since there is a lot of power and money involved the real objective of governing this enormous family has been lost, instead the parliaments seem to be a circus full of professional hecklers and showmen.

    It is a fact that one of the main causes of unrest within a family is economic, the ultimate battle is divorce. The same goes for the whole human family. When we recognize the unity of mankind as one family we can apply the same rules at large, such as: No one goes hungry. No one gets left behind. We all take turns to do the dishes (that would be the jobs no one wants to do). The weak are supported by the strong. We argue and we make up. Everyone gets an equal share and everyone has their say on major decisions.

    Everyone has the right to step up and take their place as rulers of the world, first we maybe need to experiment what it means to live harmoniously in a community such as a family or any kind of close knit group of people (even alone!) because what we create on the small scale is possible to recreate on the the large scale just as we see the likeness between atoms and universes.

  • Daniel Hart 18th Sep 2012

    Inner transformation is important but too much navel gazing is not helpful. Sometimes you have to throw yourself into the fight to find yourself. Stay alert and be mindful of where you are going so you don't lose yourself in the fray. Really there is no inner and outer transformation there is only transformation. The distinction between inner and outer is a concept and an illusion. We are all one.

    To discover if a string is in tune, neither slack nor overtight, it must be struck! So it is with the soul.

    • Atomic Bob 18th Sep 2012

      Excellent! here's to oneness, harmony of the soul, transformation and action in the moment.