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Visioning Process at the Occupy National Gathering

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This video is of the VISIONING Process and some RESULTS from the Occupy National Gathering on July 4th, 2012 in Philly - my summary, anyway. Maybe watch it before reading the rest of this? :-)



The Occupy National Gathering and its Visioning Process was beautiful and amazing and an AWESOME start to the process of creating a better world!

This is EXACTLY the direction I think we need to be moving in! And we IOPS folks need to be the MOST supportive of this work!

Perhaps most important is ASKING people what they think in the first place, whether or not you agree/think it's feasible. It's a way to engage people, get us focused on creating the future, and they may have lots of ideas no one else does.

Here is The Vision document in full: 



There's a conference call this Tuesday at 9pm EST for InterOccupy about the Visioning process and next steps for all this. Register for the call here:


Again, we IOPS folks should be the MOST supportive of visioning efforts. Please get involved in this process!

And in terms of the rest of the National Gathering, besides the Visioning Process, there is much to say and I have lots of amazing videos to post so look out for it plz :-)


Also I made this facebook group for further discussion until they/we come up with something more official if you wanna talk about the vision, the process, or where we go from here (and please add all people who wanna join):



I was also plugging IOPS like crazy, every chance I got, even wrote it up my legs in sharpie :-), as a place to continue the visioning conversation and see what sexyness IOPS folks have to offer. Here's what I've been saying about IOPS on facebook posting this video around:

IOPS, the International Organization for a Participatory Society, has been doing work on developing vision and strategy for like 20 years, and they have some AMAZING and sexy ideas if you wanna check em out and join the group :-) Please read their Fanfare for the Future series (which is not super hard to read), including Occupy Vision, and join the conversation about that, too (trust me - you won't be disappointed).



One major problem: FWP. ;-)

The perhaps only major problem that I saw with this process is the Occupy National Gathering and visioning process there was super duper white (or intensely FWP as some folks would say), which is not even close to proportionately representative of U.S. demographics.

I will not believe we have truly succeeded until people of color and other more marginalized folks are central to and leading the Occupy movement. 

I'm quite sure if huge amounts of people from all walks of life aren't at least AT the table that no one can properly represent them since we all tend to have blinders on to the oppression, needs, and experience of others, in terms of race, culture, class, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, ability, immigration status, etc.

I think we all ought to do everything in our power to support and follow progressive black and latino organizations and groups, to be good allies, and to ask their opinions and communicate better with them (better in terms of more frequently, more humbly, and to make sure our attitude, body language, and tone aren't teeming with [unintentional] white supremacist arrogance).

This applies to other marginalized groups as well (Occupy is a bit of a sausage fest - not cuz men suck, cuz i love em, but cuz women rock too and dudes need to make sure they're not talking down to/over women, etc). 

Those new to activism (or who missed this lesson somehow) really need to be educated/educate themselves on the hierarchies in society that they unconsciously act out if they ignore them/pretend they're not there, and we who are more aware need to be better at applying that knowledge in practice and checking ourselves, I think :-)

There was a Native American woman (forgot her name) at the Occupy National Gathering who said some similar things and drove it home better than I probably could. She passed out a really great FAQ pamphlet about why they call themselves UN-Occupy and white supremacy generally, which I would like to use and duplicate if anyone's interested.


I want to move forward with EVERYONE.

"OHANA means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten." -Stitch


I think one positive step we can all take is to at least mad conversations with lots of different folks from all different walks of life. 

I see myself standing out with a sandwich board sign around my neck that asks "What is your vision for a better world?" and recording everyone's answers and directing them to what we've already come up with too. 

Maybe we can even do this in a systematic way and record everyone's answers somewhere and add notches to what's already listed in the vision! 

I've also started organizing the vision document by category too so we can see how to integrate vision ideas better.

And very importantly, somehow, Occupy and IOPS, HAVE TO CONNECT, especially our visioning work. This is exactly the direction Occupy should be moving in and we have to help it! :-D


What do you think?

Please get on the conference call this Tuesday!

I love you all so much! 


Discussion 6 Comments

  • Kim Keyser 14th Jul 2012

    Thanks a lot for the report, Misty. I hope I'll be able to follow the links you provided (and perhaps even give other feedback, if I'll get lucky, timewise). :)

  • Jon Doe 14th Jul 2012

    Thanks for this report, great work. really important coalition to nurture and build. Misty you rock!

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 15th Jul 2012

    Agree with all the above. Many thanks Misty. Gives some useful insight into where US Occupy is at for us non-Americans.

  • Paulo Rodriguez 15th Jul 2012

    Misty, that was AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

  • Misty Novitch 16th Jul 2012

    thanks for the positive feedback, and thanks to the web folks for featuring this. and sorry to peter for the arrogance of assuming everyone in the international IOPS is american - u know how we r ;-)

    does anyone have other ideas or insights for how we can move forward? again theres a conference call for interoccupy tomorrow night!

  • Gregory VanGaya 16th Jul 2012

    Awesome, thanks for this Misty... Very well presented for all of us. Thank you! I'm going to shut up and really go through your gift.... Especially because I thought you'd put a nice background track into the mix of the speakers and, just to hammer home the opening LISTEN! point, it turned out it was Ani DiFranco's 'So Much Shouting' playing on my own playlist from way earlier today.