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Rejected debris of hope and happiness by I. Z. Nessuno-Raskolnikov 

One is disturbed to see the tent cities spreading with each passing year. "It's just all over, every underpass, even close by where we work – that's been a long-term popular place – but never like this, this shit is just fucking ridiculous." 

Just a few blocks away from the luxurious mansions where families spend their weekends, people are suffering; Murder, human trafficking and poverty. Close to the wealthy enclave of Lake Merritt thousands are living on the streets or in rapidly growing tent cities.


This is normality in Oakland, California, one of the most dangerous cities in the Golden State and victim of the rapidly widening wealth divide. 

The City of Oakland has a population of 424,000 and 2700 people living on the streets last year – up by 600. One in 12 people in Oakland was at risk of falling victim to a crime in 2017, and the city has a higher murder rate than troubled San Francisco, with 20 reported homicides per 100,000 individuals, as well as 65.2 rapes, 723.8 robberies, and 616.7 aggravated assaults for every 100,000 people in 2016. 

Rental costs have tripled in the last few years in the Bay Area; the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. We're facing growing levels of displacement; long-term and low-income residents are being priced out of the city. Many are people of color, who are moving out to the suburbs, sparking a great shift in racial demographics. 

With more and more people being unable to afford housing, we are seeing high levels of homelessness, tent encampments, and human suffering. The necessity to shelter the homeless is a prevalent and widespread reality for many urban areas.  



Irie's Lifehacks #18: Repurpose trash into a vibrant Zen-Dawg-Shed 


A low-cost, practical and imaginative solution for the construction of habitable shelters. Comb through heaps of illegally dumped trash, commercial waste and excess household items piled in alleyways and discarded throughout the city, and upcycle the raw materials into walls, roofs, doors, windows, wheels and locks. Adopt the otherwise disused garbage as a medium for architectural development. Transform rejected debris into an object of hope and happiness.


^^ found wooden slats are used as the structural framework


Your small-scale structure should be built with a special attention to an animated color scheme and fresh design details. 

^^ the coolly-lit space inside comprises a smooth wooden floor and a sturdy pink framework


Painted in hues like cotton candy pink, canary yellow, sky blue, and hot red, they bring a strong sense of vibrancy and spirit to each individual dwelling. Tiny, cutesy doors are embellished with mirrors and windows, transmitting daylight into the mobile habitat, while locks equipped on the entryways bring a sense of security and privacy

Smart use of materials and clever reinterpretations of the trash supplies may constitute rain proof roofs formed from discarded plastic sheeting, windows made from washing machine doors and skylights fashioned from wooden pieces.


^^ roof tiles are fashioned from brochures


All sheds should be mobile so that they can accommodate your nomadic lifestyle of homelessness while avoiding the complexities of permanent structures.




1: "You see it in India. People who are born, raised and died on the sidewalk – it's the same thing in America. Right across the sidewalk from them."


1: "The idea of America is this rich, happy life, but when you look and see how they are treated. They are homeless, sick, but nobody cares."


1: "San Francisco one of the richest cities and look at it, so many homeless."


1: "Look at this, this is America. This is the American dream."





HUMAN | SHED - "The Palette House" by Irie Zen

GO | GOAT - "Goats in the Burbclaves?" by Irie Zen



Sources: news.com.au and designboom.com



Discussion 9 Comments

  • Irie Zen 4th Nov 2018

  • Boulder Dash 4th Nov 2018

    “All sheds should be mobile so that they can accommodate your nomadic lifestyle of homelessness while avoiding the complexities of permanent structures.”

    So this is not a joke...it’s serious?

  • Irie Zen 5th Nov 2018

    Nina's original phrase was: "All homes are mobile so that they can accommodate the nomadic lifestyle of homeless residents while avoiding the complexities of permanent structures." - It's a SERIOUS formal design analysis. NO JOKE!

    I just changed the perspective here. Too cynical? "Vibrant" dog houses for humans; Could be the next big thing! - "Nomadic Lifestyles of Health, Homelessness and Sustainability".

    • Boulder Dash 5th Nov 2018

      "Vibrant" dog houses for humans; Could be the next big thing! - "Nomadic Lifestyles of Health, Homelessness and Sustainability".

      That sounds like a joke. Repugnant even.

    • Irie Zen 5th Nov 2018

      It is repugnant.



    • Bat Chainpuller 7th Nov 2018

      Now who's getting friggin' stupid...

    • Irie Zen 7th Nov 2018



      Why stupid? It's all about the contrasts here.. I mentioned the "LOHAS" (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) in my posting about GREEN | STUFF; a huge thing; 30%+ market segment. $$$!!! Marketing stuff, good stuff, green stuff, even less stuff.. $$$!!! Stuff, stuff, random stuff.. blog, blog, random blog.. so I wrote a blog about the HUMAN | SHED PALETTE HOUSE; TINY SUSTAINABLE ZEN HOUSES; another huge thing. $$$!!! STUFF! Check? All in the mix, all in.

      You mentioned the Book by Alexander and Gleeson.. GREEN | LIVING Sustainable urban design and innovation; suburban degrowth.. "sustainable living on 1 tenth of an acre", ethical consumerism; all good stuff. Content, content, random content. I thought a few things through and so I wrote GO | GOAT to feature the Jamaican perspective on growth and climate change. The Powwow-I in IOPS = INTERNATIONAL(-ISM); Both Videos carefully selected there. Incredible amounts of Palettes as well. "13yo Farmer Akeem Brown and GOATS"; 23min. well invested. All about the contrasts; and "demand goats*" is a much better slogan and working thesis.. STUFF! Hashtag Stuff.

      Contrasting but plausible arguments.. additions to a wannabe-discussion. "Nomadic Lifestyles of Health, Homelessness and Sustainability" is no joke. It's a catchy phrase to keep the big picture in one's mind. Dark satire perhaps. The disgusting, sad reality a few blocks down the road. Cotton-candy-colored-dawg-sheds; Vibrant hope and happiness. Argh. Blogworthy enough. MORE RANDOM STUFF!

      Devon Lee's 1st VLOG!1! isn't stupid at all. This is THE repugnant neo-liberal American Dream. Sleepwalking Lemmings running towards the edge of the cliff; This VLOG may be one of the most disgusting comments I made so far.. but not stupid. >> Just apply some Sociology (review Social stratification) say "Lumpenproletariat" at one point and end with a Dostoyewsky or a Tolstoy quote. I goat no time for "what in the cottage-cheese Wittgensteinian?"-Red Herrings slash essays ::: LATE LUNCH WITH GONE FISHING :::

      STUFFED! RUNNING OUT OF PALETTES TOO. STILL LOVIN' SHEDS. More Sheds? More Goats*! Mio nome è Nobody. I'm no Trinity. I just like to whistle. And Tunes. And Cartoons. And Videogames. And blogescapism about designing a humane future. And Arty-Farty.

       ^^ Red Dead Redemption


      +++ RANDOM +++ RANDOM +++ RANDOM +++


      The full top 10 lies below:

      1. Rootin' Tootin' Cowboys 2

      2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

      3. FIFA 19

      4. Forza Horizon 4

      5. Spidey-Man

      6. Assassin's Creed Orangery

      7. Crash Trilogy

      8. Lego Harry Potter Collection

      9. Football Manager 2019

      10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe




  • Irie Zen 13th Nov 2018