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Universal prayer for school kids for all religions believe

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Discussion 5 Comments

  • Lambert Meertens 27th Oct 2016

    Isn’t Northern Sesotho/Sepedi a Bantu language spoken in South Africa? Then why does the last line have “American"? Does that refer to the citizenship of the author?

    School prayers can cause problems for kids and their families if they do not believe in a personal Creator God. They may feel like outcasts. I think that religious rituals are best left separate from the school context.

  • fred curran 2nd Nov 2016

    Is there room for The Church of the Subgenius and J. R. Bob Dobbs?

  • Dion Falange 19th Dec 2016

    I believe a standard prayer wont do any harm because we all under one God the Creator which all religions believe in even if they have different prophet depending on the religious group and tribe or culture

  • Dion Falange 19th Dec 2016

    This prayer am trying to reach school kids at school to have something to hold on as a form of morning prayer which doesn't talk about which religion, the Creator God he is one God of Moses, Bhuda, Mohamed and Jesus even us.

  • Dion Falange 19th Dec 2016

    yes Northern Sesotho is my home language and am back there in South Africa after few years of staying in America am inspired by Americans my writings and what I do