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Uganda IWW: Call For Support

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I have a friend in Uganda that's trying to procure donations for the IWW initiative at Makerere University. I thought that I might be able to get the great people of IOPS to lend a hand. The idiegogo campaign closes in 4 days and we're still $552 away from reaching the goal of $800. Please do what you can and spread this campaign. 

You can find the campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/305340

"We are requesting for assistance to help us purchase some equipments that are vital in our performing this work, namely a computer, preferably a lap top($400), printer($100) and a digital camera with video recording facility($300) all totaling to $800.

The equipments will enable us in communicating and transmitting data to fellow workers within and outside Uganda and accessing internet and printing materials.

A long with establishing Industrial Workers Union in the University, there are issues we tackle.The issues include but are not limited to:

Searching and exposing employers, bosses who mistreat and harass their employees.

Bosses who don’t pay and or under pay their workers.

Bosses who discriminate workers because of their physical disabilities and health situations especially workers living with AIDS.

We will be publishing articles in local and foreign newspapers workers conditions in Uganda also a young workers monthly newspaper will eventually be launched at the university. " -Kusiima Daisy

Anything you can do to support this initiative will be greatly appreciate. No deed is too minor.



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  • Alan Story 16th Jan 2013

    Brad-Lee: This seems to be a good cause to donate money to, a cause which gives young Ugandans the tools they need to help them get better organised.

    But I have never heard of indiego.com and wonder what happens to the funds after I hit the 'contribute' button...and, in particular, what currencies are accepted and whether you need to have a Paypal account (or equivalent). Can UK-based VISA cards be used?

    • Lambert Meertens 16th Jan 2013

      You can donate through PayPal, either using an existing account or a major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). I haven't tried a UK-based VISA card, but I should be quite surprised if PayPal would not accept them.

      BTW, this particular campaign has already reached 100% of its goal.

  • Brad-Lee Nichols 17th Jan 2013

    Thanks so much to everyone that donated. Kusiima will be sending me a piece of her artwork for my help with the campaign. It will consist of abstract "images of activism" using a red and black color scheme. I will be auctioning off this piece for another cause.

  • Alan Story 17th Jan 2013


    You are welcome.

    Might it be possible for you to ask Kusiima to send you a report in about 6-8 months on how their work is going...and which you could then pass on to the IOPS website? And this then might be occasion for those of us who are interested in their work/project to make a follow-up contribution.

  • Brad-Lee Nichols 27th Jan 2013

    I will inquire.