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The Nativity 2012

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Hello Everyone! 


I created this picture with charcoal & inks. It is a smaller version of a large cave wall sized original I painted earlier called "All The King's Horses..." 


The child in it is from news photos as are the peoplke on the road looking at the bomb crater. The boy was injured in hospital not dead. Although I have used him to express the uncounted dead in the current invasions. It is from a larger series of paintings I've created in a style I call "Documentary Expressionism."


Feal welcome to contact me!


Feliz Navidad. Antonio- Dublin Ireland

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  • LedSuit ' 15th Dec 2012

    Love it Antonio. Peter's posted poems. Jon Doe posted music. You've posted a picture.

    • Antonio Carty 18th Dec 2012

      Thanks James mate! All the best to you down under! (or over!)

      Yes a revolution for dignity & ownership of our concious willful existence needs our Art! I will look for the poems & songs ect. Art loves revolutions in every way, they are family that may need distance at times but is always coming home!

      Glad to hear from you amigo