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So You Want to Start a Group

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In the past, too many projects have been started that were very short-lived. It is perfectly fine when a project is started that has a short-term goal, and then it can be closed when the goal is reached. It is not so nice when one project after another peters out for no other reason than lack of participation.

One of the decisions taken in the makeover poll is to afford equal status to all kinds of groups of members. Given the capabilities offered by our website, the best way is to use the project feature for this.

The initiator of a group will generally want it to have a long and happy life. What can we do to further this? A group formed by voluntary association will only have a reasonable permanence if some of its members see it as their task to keep it going, in good times and in bad. Ideally, this should not depend on a single person, who may suddenly and unpredictably need to focus their attention on different urgent matters. Even with several active coordinators, the group needs a sufficient number of additional motivated members.

Therefore it is advisable, before creating a project for a new group, to advertise the proposed group and rally support for it by publishing a blog post, describing the how and what of the proposed group. Interested members can discuss the proposal and indicate their support in the blog comments section. Then, if there appears to be sufficient interest and support, the initiator can proceed to create the project, inviting those as group members who have indicated their support.

If you are serious about starting a new group, please read also the information and other wise advice at the About Projects Project.

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