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South Africa United we must stand to retore our society as one body

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The train system in South Africa its a means of transport for people who are
struggling, i have done a survy talked to people using train as means of
transport to work.

My question was why do people of South Africa keep burning the train they use
to work and i was told that people burn trains because they are not happy with
the services they receive from the metro and prasa train services in South Africa
they complain about the train services being very poor they come late and sometimes
stops at the middle of no where for 1 to 2 hours without any explaination and they
depend on the train as a form of transport to get back and forth to work.

This is what they said " reasons to burn the train " most of the train users are
bread winners and the income they receive its everything to them so when the train
comes late and they receive phone calls from work with unhappy boss asking why
they not yet at work that push them to the limit of burning the train out of anger.
Some have lost their jobs due to train delays previously and with the difficult our
country face with high unemployment rate they fear to loss their job once they employed
so out of that anger without thinking they take it out on the train system because the
worse part no one says anything in return.

One of this people told me that the problem is with South African border control system
she belives our immigration system is broken because for the last 20 years 5 to 10
Million foreign especially from African countries walked across South African borders
without papers or proper visa system so this people most cant get work because of the
high unemployment rate South Africa has and worse they dont even have documentaion
so they cant be able to work so they end up committing crimes of cable theft from
South African train system so they can survive so they seen and heard people saying
that is the reason trains get delayed because of cable thieft and people who were
previously caught are mostly illegal foreigners.

Because of the broken immigration system South Africa has this as some of the results
South African people has to face day by day and this is affecting South African people
to be at rist of losing their jobs because if people cant get to work because of cable
theft which affect the trains and the company boss has a business to run overheads to pay
e.g rental space,electricity, water and employees maybe R5 million Rand overhead cost
so if he cant produce at the rate he is suppose to because some of his employees are late
because of cable theft which caused train delays he losses money so instead of his employees
being assets they become liabilities to his business with the economy crisis South Africa is
facing he has no choice but to lay off people so he will be forced to lay off people from
trains people they get late almost every week with some problem of train delays

Some of this people think its time South Africa strengthene its immigration laws so that South African
system can keep record of people coming in to South Africa and what they gonna be doing
during their stay so they can follow up on them and see if they have a right visa or documentaion
for their purpose of visit to South Africa this will bring down the higher crime rite and unsolved
cases committed by people who are not even in our system and all this affects South African economy
and society before this gets out of hand.

More and more African countries are feeling the global economy crisis more people are living their
countries looking for safe heaven this is getting worse and South Africa needs to be prepared for
anything with new immigration laws and ways to protect South Africans from feeling the heat.

South Africans need to stan together and unite with all the economy crisis and students choas at
universities South Africa needs to be one body and work together

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