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Solidarity with Worker Self-management in Thessaloniki

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Workers at the Vio.Me factory (construction materials) in Thessaloniki in Greece have taken over the factory and started their first production-run under self-management on the 12th.

This is "the first experiment in industrial self-management in crisis-stricken Greece, and the workers of Vio.Me are confident this is going to be only the first in a series of such endeavours."

Exciting news indeed for all IOPS members. Pity IOPS cannot as yet declare its solidarity?

Further information can be had, and donations and solidarity emails can be made at the following link:


Discussion 5 Comments

  • kapil bajaj 14th Feb 2013

    It's indeed great news, Peter! May this movement strengthen and expand across Greece.
    I have sent Thessaloniki's Open Solidarity Initiative my expression of support and spread the word in my circles in India.
    I would vote for IOPS, whatever state of organization it's in, to express its solidarity with the Greek workers.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 14th Feb 2013

    Thanks, Kapil.

  • Will Henry Lapinel 16th Feb 2013

    I second that emotion, Kapil. Thanks for the post, Peter!

  • jocelyn chaplin 17th Feb 2013

    Fantastic news. And the amount of support shows how much the Greek people are thinking differently. Where Greece is now we may all be soon.

  • Tom Morris 20th Feb 2013

    Great news. We should send solidarity messages individually and/or from local chapters.