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RAPresentation: A hip-hop Participatory Economic Primer for the 99%

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Music by Lonnie Ray Atkinson

A indepth musical primer to a visionary economic system. ParEcon is an alternative to the 1% economics of today's coked out capitalism, and the old record of your grandpapys communism. It is something as new as revolution and as old as revolt. It is in process, and invites participation.


 If you dig this vision and this video please share it, and discuss it with friends, family and co-workers.


Discussion 10 Comments

  • Kim Keyser 14th Aug 2012

    Awesome. Shared. I can see there's a lot of work that has been put into this. I hope you'll continue to make more in the future! :)

    I do have a technical criticism though (I've been an editor...): Two different textual ways of communicating at the same time is seldom a good idea (for instance: "voice of god"+inserts of someone talking; "voice of god"+music with lyrics). The reason is that the brain fucking melts, and instead of reinforcing each other, the two messages fuck each other up...

    Other than that I liked both the content, editing and music. PROPS!

  • stephen lawton 16th Aug 2012

    Fantastic, its so encouraging that this stuff is coming together. I'm a middle aged English man sharing and learning with the youth of America and the world. I cant do what you have done but I sure will do something.

    Sharing and working together we are strong and the more we do it the stronger we become.

  • Ahnate Lim 16th Aug 2012

    haha DOPE we need more of this! the rap vocals could be louder in the mix though, to deliver the message loud and clear? lower the instruments a bit?

  • Sarah Owens 18th Aug 2012

    Bodaciously audacious. Consider it shared.

  • Aaron Miller 19th Aug 2012

    Great work. I agree with what Kim said, but also I think there shouldn't be walls of text in a video -- not more than a sentence on screen at once to drive home an important point. If the viewer is reading this, he/she isn't fully listening to the spoken words, and vice versa.

  • Will Henry Lapinel 19th Aug 2012

    Really great stuff - thi is the kind of thing that needs to happen. I love the graphics. That would be a fantastic pamphlet. I agree with Kim about the brain exploding if it tries to process lyrics and words at the same time - the whole thing is like a fire-hose, too much, too fast. Overall, I think this stuff requires a longer treatment in order to really be convincing.

  • Jon Doe 20th Aug 2012

    Thanks for all the support and commentary, I agree that the text/audio combo can be over whelming. However, the video was designed to be a supplement to already created presentations on parecon. Also, many youth I know feel comfortable being overstimulated, with a TV on, texting friends and looking at a computer, so I wanted to engage that feeling with the video. Because its on youtube, you can always pause it or watch it again if you want to get something more detailed.

    The two (slower) presentations used to create this video are below, check them out if you prefer a longer treatment:

    1) http://prezi.com/sqvuswtkibsd/turning-99-into-100-visionary-economy-for-a-good-society/

    2) http://soundcloud.com/lonnie-ray-atkinson/sets/def-with-the-revolution-1/

    • Michael Albert 31st Aug 2012


      Terrific. Can you post a blog like this on znet, too, please? And we will also grab the video for a separate znet post.

  • Jon Doe 31st Aug 2012

    Here is the Znet link: