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Parents Guide to Climate Change

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Talking With Your Child About Climate Change             by the Rev. David D. Jones

Children are naturally curious about the things they hear and often turn to their parents for explanation. But not all subjects are easy to explain. Many parents have found it difficult to talk about global warming, or climate change, due to the catastrophic implications. Here I have tried to formulate some sample questions we adults might hear from our kids and possible ways to approach them. Of course, there may be instances where roles are reversed and it is instead the parents asking their children these questions! In whichever case, I hope you find this simple guide helpful.

“Mommy, what is extinct?” Perhaps your child has heard of the mass die-offs of species due to habitat loss and shows concern. Like a good parent, you have probably taught your child to appreciate animals, so naturally they are confused when they hear that one fourth of all mammals are heading towards extinction.

You might answer: Extinction is all of them being dead forever, honey. All the mommies and daddies and babies have been disappeared and will never return. But some will still be left in museums!

It is likely your child will be sad, and that’s a natural reaction. Encourage them to express their emotions. They might then ask: “But what makes them all disappear?”

You could talk about over-exploitation, pollution, invasive species and disease but I would just stick with burning of fossil fuels. Remember, simpler is better! Here you can explain how dinosaurs turned into coal, oil and gas. But it is only logical that your inquisitive child will wonder why then we don’t just stop burning them. Kids ask the darnedest things!

Of course we try to be honest with our children in order to maintain trust. But if you work in the fossil fuel sector or have investments in the industry or even if you, like most of us, simply use large amounts of fossil fuels, this is going to require some finesse. You might try an abstract approach such as: 

Well sweetie, our economic system requires the burning of fossil fuels to make the energy so it can grow. And it always has to keep growing. So we have to kill off the plants and animals, the birds and fish, the reptiles and insects- really, life forms of all kinds- so we can keep having all our nice things.

If this doesn’t seem to satisfy them, you might just say: The Lord is in charge of everything, honey, and He works in mysterious ways. This might be a good time to take a break and talk about schoolwork or some such.

“So how many people will die if the ocean floods everything?” Having heard about sea level rise, it is likely they won’t want to talk about schoolwork. It is probably best not to get too technical at this point. Much depends on the modeling of various scenarios, but again, an honest, generalized approach might begin like this:  Millions and millions of people will be impacted by rising sea levels, darling, as well as drought and resulting famine. This means there will be many people called “migrants” looking for new homes. And that is why we have strong borders!

Finally, it is possible your child has heard the term “tipping points”. I find some deep breaths are helpful at this point. Explaining “runaway” or “cascading effects” can be daunting. We don’t wish to frighten or traumatize our children, yet the subject is intrinsically terrifying (or ought to be!) Delicacy is our best policy and we might try something like this:  What the great majority of climate experts say is that when the atmosphere is allowed to get too warm, we reach a point where the feedback loops overwhelm any action humans might try to stop it. The problem is then beyond our control. This would be very sad. And not just for brown or poor people!

It is always best to end on a positive note, so here you can explain how we still have several years before we are truly doomed and that many smart people are thinking about this problem. And how all those smart people are bound to come up with answers! Encourage your children to keep doing what they have been doing, to play with friends, to learn as much as they can and appreciate the wonders of childhood. It is a blessing, after all.

My best advice is to keep the lines of communication open with your children. Remember that growing up can be confusing and it is perfectly natural that kids will act out at times. Just as it is natural that parents will send them to military academies to find direction. The important thing is to let them know how much we care.



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  • Boulder Dash 30th Nov 2018

    My kids are 29 and 23...they’re on their fucking own!

    • Boulder Dash 30th Nov 2018

      They gotta find their own bandoleer, 12 gauge and tinned dog food.

  • Irie Zen 30th Nov 2018


  • Irie Zen 30th Nov 2018


    ++ RINSE AND REPEAT ++ This posting is about our new iopsociety.edu educational approach ++

    Kindergarten, literally meaning "garden for the children" is the IOPS educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from 0 to 1.




  • Bat Chainpuller 1st Dec 2018

    • Alex of... 2nd Dec 2018

      ya, we'll see what they have to say at the iphone drop-center

    • Boulder Dash 4th Dec 2018

      I know...they can’t win anywhere can they...kids...they’re fucked everywhere they turn...jobs, housing, climate...communications...entertainment...and we’re giving them nothing...

  • Dave Jones 1st Dec 2018

    Irie, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I don't know how to "illustrate my bog with pictures", in fact I don't even know how to insert a link. I could take the time to learn...I guess?

    BTW, My kids are 42, 39, and 33 and nowhere near as militant as their old dad.

    • Irie Zen 1st Dec 2018

      No need to be embarrassed.. I can show you some of my cheap millennial stunts. FOR FREE!

      1. >> Save RUPTURE.jpg and kindergarten.jpg to your harddrive. (Right-click on the links >> save target as..)

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      Question: Do you see the MS-Word-like text edit tools above the text window on the edit screen? If not it's your browser's security-settings. To explain that would take a while. Maybe you have the "options".. let's check first.. :D


    • Irie Zen 1st Dec 2018

      To design "comments" like this one you could use an online-tool like THIS ONE. Pretty easy. Work with the interface on the right side.. try the chain icon for links.. copy and paste the source code from the left side into the "comment" @ iopsociety.org. Cool isn't it?

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    • Boulder Dash 1st Dec 2018


    • Irie Zen 2nd Dec 2018


    • Boulder Dash 2nd Dec 2018

      It was a joke...Dave’s kids not being as militant as him...

    • Irie Zen 2nd Dec 2018

      That's what I thought.. XD - "Yo right; Basterrrds dem are.."

      ^^ "They gotta find their own bandoleer, 12 gauge and tinned dog food." - "Epic comment Maestro Jay. A true Master Blaster Daddy Max. Are your gals badass enough to survive in the post-rupture, post-apocalyptic outback?"; "We're talking Mad Max.. here's my nerdy counter: "A Boy and his Dog (1975)"; "Boom!"

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      "1 (*1337*) must also mention the "Fallout" role-playing series. I've already been there 20 years ago (FALLOUT 2); and again 10 years ago (FALLOUT 3)."

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      Fallout 3 received a number of Game of the Year awards; was praised for its open-ended gameplay and flexible character-leveling system, and is considered one of the best video games of all time.

      "I need a coffee; back to the "W01K5H0PP3"; FUN!"


  • Alex of... 2nd Dec 2018

    "And that is why we have strong borders!"

    let's not forget FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE

    US Space Command--dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect US interests and investment. Integrating Space Forces into warfighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict.

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    • Alex of... 2nd Dec 2018

      Hegemony or Survival: ages 4+ by Gnome sir Chompsalot

    • Alex of... 2nd Dec 2018

      "who will we have to bomb to make sure we get our solar panels?"

    • Alex of... 2nd Dec 2018

      previous discussions... (tagging system)


    • Irie Zen 3rd Dec 2018


      ^^ FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE @ scribd.com // "You made my day. Tea sir Chugsalot? The design is so..; Yeeehaw; circa '96 vintage I guess; just great. 1 must not forget!! The space cowboys are back in town now: On August 13, 2018, President Trump signed into law, the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 which includes the re-establishment of the U.S. Space Command by the end of 2018. U.S. Space Command will temporarily be a sub-unified combatant command under U.S. Strategic Command, until it can be separated as a full unified combatant command.

      I liked this silent_weeper as well; The tiny things in life; Cats again.. XD

      Living with the Lama (1964) // A book telepathically dictated by one of Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa's many cats, Fifi Greywhiskers. Animals are not dumb the creatures as many humans think, we are ones who are dumb in comparison to all animals. All animals can communicate via telepathy; humans have this ability blocked due to their devious nature. Fifi tell of her life before meeting Dr. Rampa and their journeys they took together.


      "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."


    • Alex of... 3rd Dec 2018

      candle @Zen ;)

      Oh-oh, can you take care of her?
      Oh-oh, maybe you can spare her
      Several moments of your consideration
      Leading up to the final destination
      Oh-oh, the earth is calling out
      I want to learn what it's all about but
      Everything I read's global warming, going green
      I don't know what all this means
      But it seems to be saying...



    • Irie Zen 5th Dec 2018

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