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One year of IOPS; where has it gotten us, where will we go

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Congretulations to IOPS for it's first birthday.
One year, time to look back a tiny bit, to today some more and a lot to the future from my (a member's) standpoint.

In it's one year existence the IOPS has gathered:

- 2929 members worldwide in
- 95 countries with
- ...hard to count, but there are a lot of local chapters

So lets look at today.
Momentarily we stand on the verge of voting for the conditions for a founding confrence. All members will be encouraged to vote on this site for the minimum conditions. When these conditions are met, there will be held an international founding confrence.

Several members are actively recruiting new members. I would like to encourage all my collegue members to join us in that quest. The more members, the stronger we stand!

Now a look at tommorow: The IOPS is still growing. A lot of people take a positive stance towards our goals. Nevertheless the people joining is still to little to make a big difference. More recruiting methods are being discussed and will be implemented in the near future.
In several countries the agenda for upcoming events is used often and i hope that will increase in the future.
I think our forums are used way to less and should be used more often. If IOPS wants to survive we need more commitment from our members. How can we know what our memebers want if we keep silent?

Let's hope that our future brings us more (active) members, countries and chapters. Let's hope we will meet our founding conditions soon, so we can soon begin our quest for justice and equality, both in economics and in living-conditions.

I will end with a well known quote from Karl Marx: "Workers of the world, unite!"

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  • Kuan Phillips 6th Jan 2013

    Great to have your enthusiasm, mate, and your enthusiasm for democracy. Dankzij veel

  • Anarcho com 7th Jan 2013

    In this day and age? Enthusiasm is all i have and is getting more and more each day!