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Noam Actually Saying

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https://youtu.be/JwdGHCqb03g https://youtu.be/f02gcRrdK2I https://youtu.be/qekFzD7nUnc https://youtu.be/ne0WwwG6D2k https://youtu.be/aAfe5TZMHHI

Discussion 3 Comments

  • Dave Jones 22nd Feb 2019

    talk about geezers, dude was old then. Makes me feel positively juvenile.

    • Boulder Dash 22nd Feb 2019

      Recorded 2010, me thinks. So 9 years or so ago.

      Fuck, the man just turned 90 and still hanging in...

      My oldest is nearly thirty...freaks me the fuck out...and I am actually juvenile!

  • Irie Zen 25th Feb 2019