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"Not only has the Liberal Class given us Fascism, they’re now normalizing it."

Vincent Emanuele said this. It's as if it's not the norm. 

I mean Sheldon Wolin wrote about this a while back as did Alex Carey. It's not  as if the Creel Committee at the start of the twentieth century was about democracy. It was about manipulation. It's not as if  the title of Alex Carey's book, Taking The Risk Out Of Democracy isn't a dead give away and that Herman and Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent was a homage to the unbiased, openly transparent democracy loving corporate mainstream media. Not to mention all the other books and shit written by others about the same stuff, that I haven't read.

I mean the word corporation is a euphemism for private tyranny. I mean, it's not as if most of the people in the world, when they are employed, spend the majority of their time (and it is a majority of their time) inside democratic institutions. Even those of us lucky enough to work in ultra small workplaces, of three or four people, still experience, if one is not the employer, what Marx called estranged labour. If it's only subtle and perhaps not really noticed, it's certainly felt, even if one can't articulate it as well as Karl did.  

I mean, it's not as if fascism is NOT the norm. Obvious in some countries, not so obvious in others!  Read Planet of the Slums (No don't, it's very depressing). Or as Wolin described the situation in the US, inverted totalitarianism, which basically means, you're fucked, and you don't even know it and perhaps even so used to it you like it. Kind of sexy really. The reason being that  market capitalist worshipping  nations do not need goon squads walking around with baseball bats and shit to keep people in line. I mean here, in my little colonial settler country, we got the Apex gang, muslims and asylum seeking would be terrorists to scare the shit out of us leaving our visible and invisible leaders looking like Mike and Carol Brady.  There are better ways of keeping people in line and Marx obviously, and little colonial settler StrayAlien Alex Carey, wrote about it ages ago, as no doubt have many others, but the ruling classes wrote and continue to edit and update the working manual. 

I mean, why really,  are people so nonplussed by Trump getting in? I've heard, friggin' StrayAliens, not US citizens, one's who never usually utter a word about politics or market capitalism, the fucking elephant in the room farting  and shitting over us all,  or how fucked the world is (you know the ones, those who shelter their kids from The Simpsons or South Park or Frank Zappa or documentaries showing animals killing other animals),  mutter WTF (what the fuck, for those sick of this sort of acronym  shorting shit) as if Trump getting in is mind boggling to them, or a sign of the end of the world, as if prior to Trump everything was, well, only a little rickety at times, but nevertheless pretty stable. As if Hilary was a gentle soul, and Obama a cool guy with an even cooler and good looking wife (I'm not mentioning StrayAlien  politics because it is so pathetic). As if the shit that the Trumpocene  has unleashed  just wasn't there before. As if Joe Bagaent's  Deer Hunting With Jesus was a fictional novel. As if all of a sudden these people notice something strange and wrong and have to let people know they are noticing and how much they care. 

You now have self described ultra left radical  writers such as Paul Street saying things like, "it's on, people", as if, if Hilary got in, the Left would have remained asleep. Was it fucking asleep? (I'm reminded of the Buddhist master being asked by a student, if the Buddha is omnipotent and omniscient why doesn't he wake everyone up from the sleep of delusion. To which the master answers, "Who's asleep?" Which has more or as much  to do with the "who", than being "asleep"). It's as if Trump is waking us all up from our delusion. In 2016! How sad is that?  Or at least that the Trumpocene has breathed fresh life into "progressives" which is really more an indictment than anything else. Not to mention that the word "progressive" is really getting a work out lately and really giving me the shits and is, like so many things commentators write about, not very clearly defined, much like the constituency that voted for Trump. There, I mentioned it. 

Now there are rallies and protests erupting all over, as if it's a sign of the coming of some radical revolutionary overhaul. A positive eruption of noticing what shit actually looks and smells like. That Trump actually IS market capitalism embodied. School kids hitting the streets on mass because an in your face orange personality, an over the top big daddy politically incorrect, sexist, racist businessman white geezer with a shitty haircut and crappy acting ability, is now occupying the ultimate chair in the US. So again it seems like personality has trumped actual politics. Not that it has ever really been anything different.

And the  "left" is scratching its arse but making out it isn't. Most commentators yelling "organise" as if it's a new idea. THE overlooked aspect of those on the portside of politics. THE go to word. THE aspect that the "left" has never quite got right. It has been doing it forever but now it has to actually start doing properly. All of a sudden we have to organise, organise and then organise some more. Join some local group, get involved, a union, a political party, a street party or community barbecue handing out hotdogs wrapped in  "The Truth Ah The Truth Ah The Truth About Capitalism pamphlets as hand-towels or something, otherwise, well, we're doomed. "Just join something you lazy idiot. I don't care what, just do it would ya." What's new in bizarro world or even Baltimore? "And stop your cynicism James, it's unbecoming and unhelpful." 

It's as if things have just gone bad when before they were...well I've already said all that. Commentators predicting this and that, trying to prove or improve their credentials, when nothing has changed. It's always been a push to the right, then a faux hard dragging back to the left, to a spot further to the right than it was before. So it's never really a drag to the left at all. In fact no-one knows where the "left" is anymore because no-one knows where the fucking centre is!  It's a mythical nowhere place. It's like Gregerry Peccary contemplating eternity and fractional divisions thereof! 

Before there was Obama, the pragmatist, full of the word hope (and it was just a word and he was/is full of it!), and the "left" was as usual, a murder or death cult of ideologues. Of course, the left is always that to the "pragmatic establishment", the place where real shit gets done. The ruling classes. The Meritocracy. The professional class. The coordinator class. Now Trump is the ultimate  pragmatist which means, well, fuck...everyone else is an ideologue, and ideologues are by definition a waste of fucking space. Or "we" are all just worker units to be manipulated at will, just like before and before that and before before that. But no worries, all the school kids in the street will pull shit back to normal. Not quite as far as they should, back to where it was, which was still significantly to the right of some imaginary "progressive" red  line. But to  be positive, and "we" should be, there's always hope in those young-smiley-easily-manipulated-by-adults faces, isn't there? 

Where the fuck did I put my guitar? 

Jazz is not dead, it just smells the fucking same it did sixty years ago. 

Recently, my musical cohort brought up the notion of entropy. He was thinking in programming terms,  of a seed for generating random numbers or such. I was thinking in terms of physics. 

"In statistical thermodynamics, entropy (usual symbol S) is a measure of the number of microscopic configurations Ω that correspond to a thermodynamic system in a state specified by certain macroscopic variables. Specifically, assuming that each of the microscopic configurations is equally probable, the entropy of the system is the natural logarithm of that number of configurations, multiplied by the Boltzmann constant kB (which provides consistency with the original thermodynamic concept of entropy discussed below, and gives entropy the dimension of energy divided by temperature). Formally,

S=kB log  Ω

For example, gas in a container with known volume, pressure, and temperature could have an enormous number of possible configurations of the individual gas molecules, and which configuration the gas is actually in may be regarded as random. Hence, entropy can be understood as a measure of molecular disorder within a macroscopic system. The second law of thermodynamics states that an isolated system's entropy never decreases. Such systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy. Non-isolated systems may lose entropy, provided their environment's entropy increases by at least that decrement. Since entropy is a state function, the change in entropy of a system is determined by its initial and final states. This applies whether the process is reversible or irreversible. However, irreversible processes increase the combined entropy of the system and its environment."

Get that! I don't. But I like this definition. 

"a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.

"the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time""

The unavailability of thermal energy needed for mechanical work  increases over time. Sounds like laziness to me. The natural path leading towards that of least resistance. Entropy is basically a measure of laziness and I'm most definitely a lazy git. That's why I free improvise. Ten minutes of playing anything I want without concern (not strictly true but this subject is a pandoras box so I'll let it be) equals composition number x, that goes for ten minutes, then a long rest and a cup of tea or coffee! 

So it seems to me to be a perfectly normal that Trump got in. A change is as good as a holiday,  as apparently everybody was thinking, I have heard. The thing is holidays are merely short periods of time conceded to "us" by the big daddy white geezer hegemonic power grid. The ruling classes. The Meritocracy. The professional class. The coordinator class.  And even then it's so we give back the money they "lent" to us in the first place. Don't worry, be happy! And I mean, it's not as if a majority of US citizens even voted for him and it's not as if most of the US citizenry could be even bothered to vote. Bothered being the key word. "Can't be bothered"  being at the heart of the second law of thermodynamics and how one gets an inverted totalitarian system up and running. 

Everything is releasing energy. Even as one sits motionless on the couch or a cushion looking for that elusive Buddha nature (yes I know, you don't look for it). It just takes so much energy to reverse things, to push back, again and again and again. Particularly when most have been pushing and pushing, again and again, all their lives. To organise goes against the second law of thermodynamics. I mean, try getting out of bed! Try getting a band together. There are so many musicians out there, expending massive amounts of energy and time writing music that will never get heard, never get played because the costs are too great and those who have established themselves don't want all these young upstarts muscling in on their difficultly acquired territory. Doors don't naturally open, they slam shut. And it takes energy to pry them open and there's only so much room and fresh  air to breath and breathing takes energy so fuck off. Disorder just increases over time for most, along with depression and suicide, while any order is usually exclusively held and protected by those with the most money and biggest guns. 

Market Capitalism is fascism so it makes total sense to have a self declared businessman at the helm of the private tyranny that is the US. Someone who knows how to say, you're fired, you insignificant little turd. It just seems so natural. 

Why are things so surprising? 

Why is the "left" surprised?


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  • Lambert Meertens 20th Nov 2016

    The Wikipedia definition of entropy quoted above is called ”deranged babbling” in one of the answers on this page of Q&A website Physics Stack Exchange (the comment by Suzu Hirose of October 2016 at 8:39).

    The young woman in the image, Aubrey Hirsch, just posted another entry in her blog, Donald Trump and the Block Universe Model, after two years of radio silence. Coincidence? (By the way, I would not call the Block Universe model a theory in physics. It is pure philosophy of the more deranged kind.)

    • Bat Chainpuller 20th Nov 2016

      Deranged babbling! Wonderful. Fits perfectly with my writing and thoughts. And my music if you think about it. Although I think the definition of entropy your link provides is in fact closer to te one I liked and understood more, even if I did take some liberties with it. In fact I wish I had used it, the concept of "useful" rather than "mechanical work would have been handy.

      "the measure of a system's thermal energy per unit temperature that is unavailable for doing useful work. Because work is obtained from ordered molecular motion, the amount of entropy is also a measure of the molecular disorder, or randomness, of a system. The concept of entropy provides deep insight into the direction of spontaneous change for many everyday phenomena. Its introduction by the German physicist Rudolf Clausius in 1850 is a highlight of 19th-century physics."

      I awoke the "dead". She must have felt something. Ah, and you think block time "theory" is deranged philosophy. It's all happening together now all the "time" and the Tralfamadorians have their fingers hovering over the "destruction of the universe app" always, over and over again. Feynman thought all philosophy deranged. But he liked yo play the bongos and piss in hotel hand sinks!. So who's deranged really?

    • Lambert Meertens 20th Nov 2016

      While there is only one state of perfection, derangement comes into an innumerable multitude of levels.

      Here is Feynman playing bongos while rapping a crystal-clear explanation of quantum chromodynamics:

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      I got a feeling this was the work on chromodynamics, that got him over the line for the Nobel Prize!

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      Forgot to say Lambert that I pissed myself laughing when I saw this post and played it. Thank you for making me laugh out loud (that's lol for all you who love that acronym shortening shit, or ASS)

    • Peter Lach-Newinsky 20th Nov 2016

      Francois Villon (b. 1431, poet, Master of Arts Paris, vagabond and thief, condemned to death 1462, appeal brings ten years banishment from Paris and death in obscurity; 'first of all great poets of the city'):


      I die of thirst beside the fountain,
      Hot as fire and trembling tooth on tooth,
      In my own country I’m in a distant land,
      Beside the blaze I’m shivering in flames,
      Naked as a worm, dressed like a president,
      I laugh in tears and wait without hope,
      Take comfort in a sad despair,
      I’m joyful and nothing gives me pleasure
      I’m strong and haven’t any force or power,
      Warmly welcomed, rebuffed by all.

      I’m sure of nothing but the uncertain,
      Baffled by nothing but the evident,
      Doubtful of nothing but the sure,
      Knowledge I regard as mere accident,
      I always win and remain the loser,
      At dawn it’s ‘God grant you good night’,
      Lying down I’m afraid of falling,
      I’m very rich but don’t own a cent,
      I await an inheritance and am no one’s heir,
      Warmly welcomed, rebuffed by all.

      I never work, yet go all out
      To acquire wealth which I do not want,
      Who speaks most kindly irritates me most,
      Who speaks most truthfully lies to me the most,
      That one is my friend who makes me think
      A white swan’s a black crow,
      He who harms me thinks he’s helping me out,
      Falsehood, truth, to me they’re both the same,
      I remember all things and can’t conceive of one,
      Warmly welcomed, rebuffed by all.

      Merciful Prince, may it please you to know
      I understand much and have no sense or learning,
      A rare bird, I’m common before the law,
      So what’s left to do? Set eyes on my pawned goods again!
      Warmly welcomed, rebuffed by all.

    • Peter Lach-Newinsky 20th Nov 2016

      Market capitalism ain't fascism in my modest opinion, camerado. . (Otherwise, it's that undifferentiated 'night in which all cows are black', to use Hegel's remark on Schelling's Absolute). And fascism sure ain't market capitalism, either.

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      Creative licence. Going for the jugular. I'm not making an intellectual argument. It sure kills a lot of people. It sure keeps a lot of people out of the ruling classes hair. It sure keeps a lot of people with no time to enjoy life or anything at all. It sure fucks over and brutalises whole nations. It sure allows for certain types of people to come to power. It sure allows the ruling classes to rule without appearing like individual fascists. It sure allows leaders to do outrageous things while maintaining the image of a good bloke or to win Nobel Prizes. It sure allows many to talk about someone like Trump as a fascist, unleashing fascist forces as if the institutional structures, so tied to the economic ones, untouched as if it's only about people and personality type. There's a direct correlation, to me, between market capitalism and inverted totalitarianism, where the ruling classes share the load (a bit like the negative externality of car pollution where the effects of each individual car sale transaction is negligible and the effects on each individual in the community is small but the overall effects are devastating-something like that. See Robin Hahnel, he says it better) It allows for authoritarianism and extremism and in some ways invites it through its idolisation and elevation, as a wonderful and cherished value, of extreme competition. The mind set it fosters helps undermine socialist democracies where education, health care and social well being and welfare are prioritised and that try to redeem markets. Why the fuck would people with children, generally good people, want to do that? They work in private tyrannies. Are the board of directors fascists? No. The institutional structure of the economy makes them behave that way. Among other things. It's the institutional structure. But of course, like capitalism, fascism can come in all sorts of guises I guess. I knew the phrase was wonky when I wrote it but it's more a kind of reaction to the opening quote of Emanuele's. Why wait for some figurehead like Trump to start the fascist speak? Obama increased drone warfare beyond where Bush took it. He had a terrorist assassinated without trial. Like I suppose, big deal, hey! Clinton, Bill, killed plenty, hundreds of thousands. As has many or most before him. Johnny Howard here, over saw much the same. As have others. Mainly in the name of maintaining economic hegemony and stability. For reasons of state. Klein talks of the shock doctrine. So I just cut out the middle men/women and went for the institutional structural jugular...markets fused with capitalism. It's like a fascist prick.

      But I get your point.

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      "It sure allows many to talk about someone like Trump as a fascist, unleashing fascist forces WHILE LEAVING the institutional structures, PARTICULARLY the economic ones, untouched as if it's only about people and personality type."

      That's abetter sentence I think.

    • Rod 21st Nov 2016

      I agree with Bat to a certain degree. Fascism seems to be more or less the political corrolary of market capitalism. The more control corporations get the more you see fascist elements appearing in the political sphere. Though that's my opinion as a layman in political economy.

      These labels have some use, but a limited one. The main thing is that both are hopelessly idiotic but neither its proponents nor some of its critics seem to be aware of the extent of that idiocy. There's lots of intelligence being used to propel these systems, but it's of the cunning, not the wise variety. It's more or less like a virus that has effected mainstream culture and has affected our mental sanity. Wall Street is being run by a bunch of professional gambling addicts. Morality has little do with it.

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      Hopelessly and insidiously idiotic.

      fascism 1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. 2.

      One could quite easily change it to an economic system controlled by markets and capitalists blah blah blah

      Poetic licence.

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      One is perfection, while derangement is many,
      coldly shunned, embraced by zero.

      I can see Kilgore Trout drawing an arsehole in the dirt.
      And Vonnegut offering him an apple.

      "I hold in my hand a symbol of wholeness and harmony and nourishment. It is Oriental in its simplicity, but we are Americans, Kilgore, and not Chinamen. We Americans require symbols which are richly colored and three-dimensional and juicy. Most of all, we hunger for symbols which have not been poisoned by great sins our nation has committed, such as slavery and genocide and criminal neglect, or by tinhorn commercial greed and cunning."

  • Lambert Meertens 20th Nov 2016

    Above, read “the comment by Suzu Hirose of October 20, 2016 at 8:39”.

  • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

    Hi Bat, Michael Albert here and I'd like to make a comment here if you don't mind. Sorry about the length but I felt your deranged babbling above, masquerading as some THING of value,...hah!...required a response of epic and thorough proportions.


    Donald Trump is no joke. He is not a fool. He is not a buffoon. He is not a mere provocateur. Calling Trump stupid misses the point. Calling him obscene grazes the surface.

    Donald Trump’s campaign was a bird choking in a coal mine. His presidency threatens to collapse bedrooms, living rooms, communities, our nation, and even our world. Trump’s presence will aggravate, depress, denigrate, sicken, and oppress millions every hour from now until he and Pence, and all the rest are an awful memory. Their backwash of negation, diminishment, and hate is already fierce.

    To continually take in the daily reality we face, to endure the resulting mental and emotional distress and to then act coherently will be very difficult. It will often seem easier, more self affirming, and less painful to make believe Trump is bad but not too bad, abnormal but not too abnormal.

    It will often feel gentler for one’s own self and one’s own agenda to dismiss Trump as another Nixon, Bush, Clinton, or Obama – but not another Mussolini, much less Hitler. It will often feel more civil to call him bearable, to wring our hands and turn off our ears and eyes to the choking sounds and putrid odors emanating from Trump’s acts, and to assume civility’s return.

    It will often feel less painful and more “mature” to minimize and regularize, to protest now and then, but without persistent urgency, and to live our lives trying not to contribute to the madness but also without trying to win positive change and link the many sources of opposition to produce a real movement.

    It will often feel less personally disruptive to passively travel the easy road to hell than to face reality and powerfully and unrelentingly fight back.

    Some will feel I am exaggerating. Let’s spend a moment on that. It should not require more.

    Bad things are commonplace. Indeed, we have long been frogs slowly boiling. Now, however, and this may be the one mistake for his own agenda that Trump is making, Trump is turning up the burners as high as he can. Examine his Cabinet appointments and his words. Strip away the now nearly eliminated rhetoric meant to obscure outrageous policy and to attract depressed, angry, and disenfranchised supporters, but not, of course, to sincerely aid them in the slightest. What’s left? What’s flaunted in our faces?

    Trump wants to disenfranchize and infantilize but not yet lynch pretty much all non whites in the U.S. He wants to pedestalize, kitchenize, grope, and brutalize, but not yet rape all women in the U.S. He wants to deunionize, traumatize, robotize, and penurize, but not yet starve every working class non professional in the U.S. He wants to stunt science, stifle history, transcend civility and Trump truth. Most deadly of all, Trump wants to burn every last fossil fuel and deny every last shred of ecological sanity.

    Trump wants to rewrite “This land is your land” to become “This land is Trump’s land.” He doesn’t care if we all sing. He cares only that he is in the saddle and we are being ridden.

    Again, am I exaggerating? Is this American paranoia or Amerikkkan Fascism. Not either, yet. But are we vigorously slip sliding in the latter direction? Yes, we are. Not the population, the government.

    What must we see to realize what dangers lurk? Does Trump have to goosestep? Maybe next month. Does his cabinet have to burn books in public squares? The month after.

    We are not slip sliding to hell because the whole population took leave of its senses. They didn’t. Nor because Trump’s voters, in the main, took leave of their humanity. They didn’t. We are slip sliding to hell because a perfect storm of Democratic Party system-defending and change-decrying hubris, plus progressive and radical danger-denying strategic inflexibility, plus disenfranchised change-desiring worker mis-voting, plus ignorant popular racist and sexist preening, plus limitless mainstream media profit pursuing, plus social media attention demolishing madness, plus likely also a lot of electoral corruption and voter suppression, led to a voting calamity that handed trifecta power to a bunch of historically and ideologically off the chart thugs and their Party partners.

    Trump isn’t hiding or sugarcoating his agenda. When Trump said during the campaign that he could get away with anything, he meant, look, I am a massive bully and this country has no idea how to deal with the likes of me. I know I got less than a quarter of eligible voters. I know that only a fraction even among those who voted for me really want me to do what I really want to do. I know that only a handful even of that small fraction clearly understand what it will mean if I get to do what I want, and still favor it. But so what? That is my genius. I marshaled nothing into everything. I am in the Oval Office. My allies stand with me. Every meeting I attend, one opinion will dominate – mine. Let’s go!

    If Trump in power doesn’t scare you, if it doesn’t cause you to feel you have to do anything within your means to help impede, stop, and then transcend his brand of inhumanity for yourself, for your kids and for their kids, for all of society and indeed for all the world, then you have either turned your mind off hoping to navigate calamity without suffering its clammy tentacles, or your mind was turned off long ago, and in either case you need to wake up and hear the bird warning us: do something, do something, he will beat the crap out of you.

    I suspect that even more than understandably wanting to go to sleep so as to dream in peace and wake up when the nightmare ends, not knowing what to do is what can now slow, stop, and deaden anti Trump resistance which is, at the moment, most certainly very alive and growing impressively.

    So what can we do?

    Preventing roll back entails preventing or reversing racist, misogynist, and even fascist appointments. Bemoaning Bannon, decrying Giuliani, or even weeping over Sessions is all warranted – but preventing or reversing them is essential.

    Preventing rollback also means preventing treaty breaking, law canceling, and policy imposing that interfere with hard won past victories. But how?

    The first steps are already occurring, though many more people need to become involved. Promising signs stretch from high school students walking out of classes, to Broadway play audiences booing the Vice President, from diverse marches and rallies occurring and larger ones being planned, to NBA teams boycotting Trump hotels.

    But beyond current creative outpourings, Democrats in Congress and across the country will have to oppose Trump’s appointments and agenda. Some will do so of their own accord. Sanders and Warren are prime examples. But others will join the battle only if they feel they must do so to retain a semblance of credibility. They will join only to sidestep and try to co-opt a wave of steadily growing public dissent. Accosting Senators and Representatives in their offices in Washington, at home in their communities, and universally in print as well showing them massive marches and demonstrations that will keep growing if they don’t block Trump, can only help.

    What else can spur ever more sustainable dissent? At the high income end, perhaps boycotting Trump products, and hotels – as some NBA teams are already doing, or making statements at symphony concerts and Broadway shows can directly impact him. Even if not, such acts will certainly help galvanize the broader public and other politicians. Expressing dissent, carefully and militantly but without recriminations of Trump supporters who ought to be joining the dissent will be critical. Writing letters to editors or friends, blog posts, articles, comments, and even wearing anti Trump t-shirts – and anything else that makes visible and tries to enlarge public anger at what has happened – can help. Creative outreach with video testimonials is another option, and serious rather than profit seeking journalism, is essential.

    But what about moving beyond dissent to resistance and beyond resistance to wining a new world?

    Trump wants to escalate deportations. A resistance response might organize sanctuaries at the city or state level or seek sanctuaries more locally at churches and perhaps universities or even by private homeowners offering to harbor prospective deportees to protect them. A slogan might be some clever variant of “if you take them, you have to take us, and none of us are going without a fight.” Imagine priests, local politicians, workmates, schoolmates, teachers, and perhaps even some employers saying and meaning that.

    We could demand that friendly churches or campus centers provide housing and protection for potential deportees. We could guard such venues by gatherings of hundreds or even thousands of supporters taking shifts outside to block access. During the days and nights of the sanctuaries, we could hold teach ins and cultural events and otherwise use the experiences to build support, develop trust, and even enjoy the experience.

    One of the dividing lines between temporary protest and resistance that persists and constantly goes forward will be serious solidarity. Will women outraged at sexism, blacks and Latinos outraged at racism, working class folks outraged at anti labor legislation and still more denigration, plus plain old citizens of every kind outraged at war and at insane policies threatening ecological stability, each operate independently? Or will they entwine in mutual support?

    In response to white supremacist Cabinet and West Wing appointees, why not make their views incredibly visible and oppose their appointments, but also positively propose progressives who would be better in their post, and say clearly why they would be better. Why not create a shadow government. This would probably require Sanders to become its President, but, following that, it could populate itself throughout, and take stands on every major issue as each arises, to contrast clearly to Trump and also organize and fight for better outcomes.

    In response to enlarged spending proposals for military and police why not show better ways to spend the funds? Why not demand positive changes in police budgeting, legal structure, and seek community oversight and control?

    We could rally at and demand the use of military bases to build low income housing funded by Pentagon budgets. We could earmark the first houses built to the soldiers who worked on them. We could welcome police into neighborhood and even household meetings to discuss how to create safer communities and avoid racist policing. We could go to military bases and police stations too, and organize. Leaving these alone, to proceed wherever they will without trying to communicate and without offering better alternatives for the employees and for society, is a surefire way to aid Trump.

    We need to find worthy goals and effective ways to fight for them that appeal to every crucial constituency, and that polarize none away from progressive participation, even as we steadfastly and specifically oppose Trump’s every racist, sexist, and classist move.

    Once momentum grows and a degree of coherence, clarity, and inter issue solidarity emerges, we could build grassroots neighborhood and workplace assemblies.

    But what about organization? If for the next four years we only have sometimes linked but often disconnected campaigns about all manner of separate issues but overwhelmingly aimed only at preventing reaction, at best we will reinstate the status quo we had before Trump won – which was nothing great, obviously. So why not establish at least one overarching, multi issue, multi tactic organization to not only fight against reaction but also propose and try to win elements of positive program and vision?

    And if we do try to create that, wouldn’t it be better that the new organization implements powerful new means to welcome and enhance diversity, to celebrate and practice collective self management, and to chastise and structurally guard against sectarian, short term, and too narrow organizing?

    • Lambert Meertens 21st Nov 2016

      Quote from Michael Albert:

       "So why not establish at least one overarching, multi issue, multi tactic organization to not only fight against reaction but also propose and try to win elements of positive program and vision?
      And if we do try to create that, wouldn’t it be better that the new organization implements powerful new means to welcome and enhance diversity, to celebrate and practice collective self management, and to chastise and structurally guard against sectarian, short term, and too narrow organizing?

      That seems a cool idea to me. Here is my first go at a mission statement for the new organization.

      IMIMTO, the International Multi Issue Multi Tactic Organization, is a revolutionary organization that aims to win a better world through flexibly exploring and advocating long-term vision, building the seeds of the future in the present, empowering the lives of its members, organizing in an internally classless and self-managing way, and winning changes in society that better the situations of suffering constituencies while also laying the ground work for more changes and construction to come.

    • Claire Bruhn 21st Nov 2016

      IMIMTO *Pronounced: I'm, I'm Too

    • Bat Chainpuller 21st Nov 2016

      Roughly translated as I Am I Am As Well

  • Caragh - 22nd Nov 2016

    Isis- your talking about wellness Bat ? teehee. It might be good to have in impossible anacronym.

  • Dave Jones 23rd Nov 2016

    My proposal is diametrically opposite "multi-issue" or intersectional, to use the latest lingo. I believe this is a time for prioritizing, consolidating and focusing the precious little force we have on one issue, that of climate change.(Albert calls the issue "most deadly of all" yet ignores the implications.)

    He tends to overestimate the "we" who are supposed to spread out and attack all these disparate issues piecemeal.think of Capital as the mad arsonist and us as exhausted firefighters.

    At this moment there is already in place a vibrant climate justice movement on the verge of adopting an anti-capitalist critique. But it needs a push. Therefore I believe the climate-capitalism contradiction the best vehicle for widening the small but growing crack in the market system's legitimacy/hegemony. And the best use of our little band of resistance would be as agitators within that movement.

    Broken Record Dave

    • Lambert Meertens 23rd Nov 2016

      Selecting one issue as the focus of our activism does not need to mean we become a one-issue organization. But even so, would this be a wise move?

      We too should not make the mistake of overestimating the strength of our little band. How many of our current bandits do you think, realistically, will be able to operate as effective agitators within the climate-change movement? Maybe 10, but almost certainly not even 100. And that is world-wide.

      Many groups within the climate-justice movement are already quite outspoken in their critique of capitalism. We would, at best, add a murmur to their outcries.

      As I see it, IOPS as an international organization is unique in combining a broad, multi-issue vision with an internationalist outlook. I strongly believe that we should aim at deriving our strength from our transcending the boundaries of other activist groups, whether geographically or in outlook. How? I don’t have a good answer, but I put down some thoughts in an earlier blog post, A future worth striving for.

  • Bat Chainpuller 23rd Nov 2016

    Broken Record Dave! Nice to see you. One wouldn't be wrong suggesting that it's the Broken Record Left, depending on who's doing the spinning. I would assume the capitalist critique would have to be strong, and there would need to be a coherent alternative, one that doesn't vacillate around possibilities or vagueness. I assuming market critique would need to strong as well.

    It's interesting that market abolitionist Robin Hahnel has been at logger heads with the Climate Justice Movement for a while yet he offers a clear coherent alternative and has jumped on global warming. But it does seem it is an argument around strategy. Hahnel appears open to any immediate type of reform that may mitigate problems.

    Then there are "green new deals" of which there may be many variations but nit many being bandied around in the mainstream other than hearing about renewables and such. And not all green hew deals are necessarily born from capitalist or even anti-market critique. The Climate Mobilisation Victory Plan is pretty detailed and full on. Aero net emissions by 2025 as one part. I would have to scan it again for details and such and perhaps there needs to be comparative discussion re other "plans".

    Agitation is one thing but convincing others outside, unsure about what to do or what is viable economically is the hard part. It's not a matter necessarily of convincing people of the need for change as a result of global warming, which may still be one part, it is a matter of convincing them of economic alternatives or direction. Even within the "left" there isn't strong consensus about alternatives nir timeline it appears.

    That kind of vacillation doesn't help those looking on from the sidelines and most concede decision making power to supposed experts or policy makers because hearing about shit from someone like me isn't convincing.

    How to be convincing? I don't find voluntary simplicity, Ted Ted Trainer's "vision" or p2p convincing. I am uncertain about what the NSP is doing or how. And then there is the problem of getting all that info just from the NSP for instance, out into the mainstream. How do you get more people to read just the 16 "visions" put out by unheard of people, to those outside everything? How do they digest the material even if they read it? Whodo they discuss stuff with? Where do they turn? Who do they believe? Shit, who do I believe?

    Most people probably believe in global warming but most do not possess a strong anti-cap critique mor read such stuff. When people ask the always asked question, what do you replace shit with, most abstain from any clear answer like Russel Brand did. But if you don't, just saying voluntary simplicity or mentioning the plethora of community economics stuff that Alperovitz mentions ad infinitum in every book and article he writes, co-pos, worker owned, esops, public utilities, public banking, community land trusts, gardens, trying to build economies around large institutions like universities or hospitals and such, makes it sound like it's all happening, that things are on the go and you just need to go out and get involved in one of these things. I'm not convinced by it as far as urgency and as far as direction and where things will end up. Voluntary simplicity works up to a point but for me it, along with community economics, isn't keyed into clear coherent direction, the point Hahnel makes in his Economic Justice and Democracy book, chapter 13 I think.

    And it's not that I'm right either, I'm just not convinced in the same way so many aren't convinced by Parecon. But if the answer to capitalist/market critique is merely a plethora of possibilities that aren't clear as to destination as I think solidarity economics is, one creates more ifs and buts and maybes and uncertainties rather than clear decisions. Even markets are sheltered from hard critique.

    So far in George Lakey's book Viking Economics I haven't got a sense of urgency and am getting the feeling that social democracy is the way to go. Bring on David Schwieckart.bwho's even read that book? Who's even heard of it? "What an economy with a labour or financial market? You must be out of your mind!"

    The other day a radio jock here, and anti-cap dude, said to someone over the phone we need a new system. He said there are plenty out there but until we get to a critical mass, by which he meant wide public belief or knowledge of them, nothing will happen. Then he moved on!!!

    I was pissed. The guy I work with knows my position re all this shit and knows I have sent this mofo wads of info regarding alternatives with links and shit, and he came out of the second workshop down the back of his yard and was walking towards me as I came out of the top workshop. We both stopped and laughed as we both knew why we were walking towards each other. I through my hands up in the air and turned back to go inside as did he. Nothing needed to be said. This disc jockey had the ears of thousands of people, had said repeatedly we need a new system and this time makes the claim tat until knowledge of the alternatives out there reaches some critical mass nothing will be done, yet refuse repeatedly to even at the very least mention these ideas by name and give out the links if people are interested. No, he much prefers to wax lyrical about electoral and current politics.

    I mean really, what's the fucking point.

    Is the problem of global warming an urgent one or not? If it is I want to see the plans regularly, out there, being discussed now, not tomorrow. I want all these visionaries getting together and working out how to set up a proper website with all the appropriate info, along with strategy and shit.

    I want a website that when you go to the about us page, you don't see individual names of supposed experts you see a site, which is in fact just the media side of a movement, built by those advocating a pluralist commonwealth, Real Utopias, a Parecon, market socialist visions, p2p ideas, Inclusive Democracy, voluntary simplicity, social ecology, solidarity economics, green new deals along with union representatives committed to vision, Marxists committed to vision etc. I do not want to see a few people in nice dress smiling at me and then some fucking petition with a million individual signatories.

    If I saw groups made up of smart, experts in their fields, visionaries et., I would think, wow, they got together, crossed over sectarian borders and built a truly collaborative site with a powerfully rich resource section not some horribly complex neither here nor there one like at the NSP. Then, the site stated clearly that all groups would be committed to regular meeting re strategy, monthly, quarterly, whatever, putting out newsletters and media shit. The site would have a place fir the public to go, to blog, to discuss, to ask questions which receive answers quickly. A collaborative exercise that builds coordinated action and campaigns, that trues to wed together all these fucking visions so ordinary people can digest them. So all left parties like Podemos, what's left of Syriza, Left Unity, PSUV, Die Linke and on abd on, can sign up to the movement and adopt the ideas into their economic policies. So people can see these parties and groups directing media and others to some central place whereby all the necessary info is, can see the latest debates, discussions and ideas relating directly to on the ground activity. And on.

    Until that happens, for me, all the shit about unity and coming together is just shit. All the talk of a unifying org is just shit. All the talk about organising is just shit. The NSP was a good idea, but it was set up wrongly. It should have been a collaborative effort by all visionaries out there working together in an open and transparent manner, across visionary/sectarian divides and differences, not set up by a few with a kind of preference for certain ideas over others, a shit resource section, a board that reflects both hierarchy and merely an extension of the Alperovitz type pluralist commonwealth collaborative democracy folk, who ask for contributions from others now and then, and even set up a fucking competition for anyone to come up with a vision for five hundred bucks. Jesus. What the hell do I need that for. "James, 12 yrs old, from Idaho, has come up with his vision for a better world and taken out third place and a cheque for fifty bucks." Well done but off James, you're just confusing matters even more.

    And then ther is Tim Morton, someone who drives me nuts most of the time with his derranged babble, on "climate change",

    "Why I Don't Call It "Climate Change" and Never Shall

    I just wrote this for the intro of Hyperobjects:

    The end of the world is correlated with the Anthropocene, its global warming and subsequent drastic climate change, whose precise scope remains uncertain while its reality is verified beyond question. Throughout Hyperobjects I shall be calling it global warming and not climate change. Why? Whatever the scientific and social reasons for the predominance of “climate change” over “global warming” for naming this particular hyperobject, the effect in social and political discourse is plain enough. There has been a decrease in appropriate levels of concern. Indeed, denialism is able to claim that “climate change” is merely the rebranding of a fabrication, nay evidence of this fabrication in flagrante delicto. On the terrain of media and the sociopolitical, “climate change” has been such a failure that one is tempted to see the term itself as a kind of denial, a reaction to the radical trauma of unprecedented global warming. That the terms are presented as choices rather than as a package is a symptom of this failure, since it is logically the case that it is correct to say “climate change as a result of global warming,” where “climate change” is just a compression of a more detailed phrase, a metonymy.

    If this is not the case, then “climate change” as a substitute for “global warming” is like “cultural change” as a substitute for Renaissance, or “change in living conditions” as a substitute for Holocaust. “Climate change” as substitute enables cynical reason (both right wing and left) to say that “climate has always been changing,” which to my ears sounds like “people have always been killing one another” as a fatuous reason not to control the sale of machine guns. What we desperately need is an appropriate level of shock and anxiety concerning a specific ecological trauma--indeed, the ecological trauma of our age, the very thing that defines the Anthropocene as such. This is why I shall be sticking with the phrase global warming in this book. "

    • Bat Chainpuller 24th Nov 2016

      Lots of typos I know but this should read,

      "What an economy with a labour or financial market? You must be out of your mind!"

      "What an economy withOUT a labour or financial market? You must be out of your mind!"

      Sorry about the rest. Can't be bothered! One finger typing on an iPad you know.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 24th Nov 2016

    IMO, Dave's right in what should be, rationally, everyone's priorities, i.e. the climate justice fight, given its parity with the WMD issue with respect to the future survival of civilization and the earth at least as we have known her during the reign of homo 'sapiens'. And Lambert's right in the uselessness of asking 'IOPS' or 'IOPS members' to do this since IOPS is 10 (maybe 20 tops) people having an online chat now and again. (Not that that can't be enjoyable now and again, camerados...).

    Glad to see ole Noam seems to have finally prioritised the climate chaos issue too, in his old age. Here's from his latest interview at Znet:

    "Noam, the unthinkable has happened: in contrast to all forecasts, Donald Trump scored a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton and the man that Michael Moore described as “wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full-time sociopath” is the next president of the United States. In your view, what were the deciding factors that led American voters produce the biggest upset in the history of US politics?"

    Noam: "Before turning to this question, I think it is important to spend a few moments pondering just what happened on November 8, a date that might turn out to be one of the most important in human history, depending on how we react.

    No exaggeration.

    The most important news of November 8 was barely noted, a fact of some significance in itself.

    On November 8, the World Meteorological Organization delivered a report at the international conference on climate change in Morocco, COP22, which was called in order to carry forward the Paris agreements of COP21. The WMO reported that the past five years were the hottest on record. It reported rising sea levels, soon to increase as a result of the unexpectedly rapid melting of polar ice, most ominously the huge Antarctic glaciers. Already Arctic sea ice over the past five years is 28 percent below the average of the previous 29 years, not only raising sea levels but also reducing the cooling effect of polar ice reflection of solar rays, thereby accelerating the grim effects of global warming. The WMO reported further that temperatures are approaching dangerously close to the goal established by COP21, along with other dire reports and forecasts.

    Another event took place on November 8, which also may turn out to be of unusual historical significance for reasons that, once again, were barely noted.

    On November 8, the most powerful country in world history, which will set its stamp on what comes next, had an election. The outcome placed total control of the government – the executive, Congress, the Supreme Court – in the hands of the Republican Party, the most dangerous organization in world history.

    Apart from the last phrase, all of this is uncontroversial. The last phrase may seem outlandish, even outrageous. But is it? The facts suggest otherwise. The Party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand."

    And it ain't just the GOP that's "dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life", ain't it? It's da System and most of us, its voluntary slaves, too...

    Yours in solidarity and creative unknowing,

    Broken Record 2

  • Bat Chainpuller 24th Nov 2016

    Well, I say then, all the fucking people yelling ORGANISE better pull their own fingers out of their arses, get on their phones and iPads and apps and shit and talk to one another and start to ORGANISE some sort of collaborative effort around all the shit they be tellin' us! Green new deals and all.

    Don't yell and scream at ordinary people to do a whole heap of shit because they be already be doin' all the shit they need to be doin' just so they be gettin' a couple of smiles and laughs in before they finish up livin' their miserable lives.

    All you got out there in fucking la la land is a whole bunch of people "over there" yellin' a whole heap of shit, then a whole bunch of other people over there yellin' a whole heap of different shit, and then you got a whole bunch of other folk all yelling,

    HERE WE GO -

    yeh, fantastic, so much good shit happening all over but Trump still got in and nothings changing for the better, but all this good stuff is happening, so don't be bein' all negative a shit, yeh, but Trump still got in and Hilary was a dick anyway like Obama and our glorious StayAlien leaders over here, but there's all this great stuff going on like essays being written by everyone and stuff, yeh, yeh, be positive, smile, vote for Sanders, vote for Corbyn, become a Spanish citizen and join Podemos, join that group, hang with those cool hippe dudes, do this, become a platform anarchist, join the Climate Justice Movement, the robots are coming, rewild your wild side, go simple you consumerist dipshit, the Zapatistas, the Zapatistas, buy a ticket to Standing Rock, the Zapatistas, join and independent union and be a part of the southern insurgency and watch your family beaten to a pulp, move to Rojava, move to Kerala, quit your job and build a co-op, buy a bike, read about Parecon, read these fifty fucking essays on fifty different ways to skin an economic alternative from the NSP, go to a NSP teach in and talk about those fifty fucking essays, remember everything you read perfectly so you can teach others perfectly, that's the perfect strategy, be perfect, always, not just some of the time, and remember it's all about peers and STIGMERGY, that markets gotta go, that markets aren't all bad so gotta stay, that Graeber said markets in the future might not look anything like markets today, so they aren't fucking markets as we know them dickhead, stand outside a detention centre and while you do do a teaching thing about Parecon and the fifty essays you just read from the NSP and how good markets will look in a future good society, buy a goid Noam Chomsky book, go visit the Viking countries and see how good they do it, come back to Melbourne and tell us about it, write a book about it like George Lakey did, get arrested like George Lakey has many times, go down to the docks and walk into a dockers pub and start talking about global warming andcreading George Lakey's book, read more books about Parecon, read them out aloud at the dockers pub, do the same at a sports bar, send them to your friends, tell them about Wurruk'an, tell the dockers about Wurruk'an and voluntary simplicity, tell the dockers to rewild themselves, play some Kevin Hunter metal, tell them about Parecon, tell them about open software and STIGMERGY, they'll love that, tell them football is fucked, tell them to organise, read them some Tim Morton, they'll love that, better yet Delude and Guttheory, tell them to organise again, not anything in particular, just organise, tell them blah blah blah, think blah, blah, blah, remember your own heritage and culture and hard wirking class background sitting around the small kitchen table as your Grandmother read a chapter from Kapital for inspiration, too bad if you're middle class, you can just fuck off, tell everyone we need one big movement, we need to entwine in mutual support, don't tell them how or where and what to entwine around just tell them to do it, tell them to stop being a vacilating negative Nancy and be a positive Panda and start quoting Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Prince, Bowie, Russell, and maybe even Elvis Costello (he's not dead yet, I think) or Sharon Jones (she's just a dead funk artist, pretty cool actually), go to more Russell Brand concerts or better yet, go watch a whole heap of Michael Moore films, and what's with the cap and hair,...

    yeah, it's all great and all happening, Nuit Debout, Newey Debut, lets all come together it's that easy, join your local union or labour party branch, go to the meetings, make an effort to tell them they should prefigure a self managed society, have a fight with a Marxist, have a fight with a liberal, have a fight with a Pareconista, or don't, be nice, or even better yet, WRITE A WHOLE HEAP OF TESTIMONIALS ABOUT A MUCH NEEDED ORGANISATION AND THEN DON'T SHOW UP FOR THE PARTY, cool, then when Trump gets in yell, FASCISM'S COMING, we all best organise, but seriously now, and let's start one big movement, I'll write a testimonial, me too, oh and I will as well, and tell that Bat Chainpuller fuckwit to stop all that negative Nancy shit it's putting out bad vibes and the "lefties" just can't take too much of it, you know what they're like, it's the vegan diet you know, and tell him to get off his arse and do something because, yeah, like people will listen to him, yeah, well maybe he can answer the phones or give out the hotdogs wrapped in those anti-capitalist pamphlets Cheryl made last night before she got all sick from that weed she smoked, it was real strong you know...she assed out so we called an ambulance, but then she came to, so we cancelled it, but then she passed out again, so we left her in front of the bonfire....yeah, third degree...yeah, a bit too close...we should have put it out before we went to the NSP teach in about the Climate Justice Movement's fight with Robin Hahnel....

    But come on, let's go, so much to organise....

    .......Joe....Joe Toscano?.... Is that you and your Public Interests Not Corporate Interests movement...it is...yippee...let's go...Wednesday Action Group...fucking great....a Tobin tax...awesome...a basic income...terrific...a wealth tax...you betcha....what about Parecon?............. Ok, ok, ok, I'm sorry, I went to far. Sorry Joe, I'm really sorry, I forgot, you anarchists like your visions pretty simple,

    What About Classism? Good one Mark, awesome project, and a Shared Program...yeah good one but it didn't go down well at IOPS...What's that Mark?...yeah well the websites still up. And yeah, some folks are trying to revive it...yeah....no,... just a few of the old timers, usual crew, you know the ones....why you laughing?...oh yeah, well good luck with your What About Classism whatever it is bullshit...

    Don't take much to set me off does it...

  • Bat Chainpuller 24th Nov 2016

    "Second, the turn to social media among popular movements has degraded the experience of participating. Activists and “clicktivists” might connect and pay attention to an issue for a short amount of time, but they often fail to engage fully in the struggle. [Sounds like IOPS, and ME] Building trust in marginalised or oppressed communities takes time, effort, and sustained interactions, and this requires routine face-to-face contact over a long period. [Routine...that sounds like I'd have to kiss my present occupation, family and any things I enjoy goodbye...no?] When movements mobilise without having earned this sense of trust and internal unity, they may be more likely to succumb under pressure. Participating in digital activism can give the impression that one is making a difference [I can tell you it doesn't, unless I'm completely deluded], but as internet sceptic Evgeny Morozov argues, creating real change requires far greater dedication and sacrifice."

    A paragraph I read on the internet. So true. "...far greater dedication and sacrifice." From us all I suspect, all us "voluntary slaves", but only to that level be feels comfortable. Do what one can with one's time. Contribute to what degree you feel comfortable and the "movement" will look out for you, because "we've" built and established all those kind of things, if you feel like it's all too much or everything is placing undue pressure on you and "we" will also all let you know whether you are shirking and could do more, because "we" know what the right amount of involvement should be for someone like you, and whether you should actually do more.

    "Conversely, if activists use social media to report violence by security forces, would-be protesters may not show up to the big demonstration the next day. Such reports can therefore carry unintended consequences. Instead of drawing outraged crowds, they may repel many risk-averse participants, leaving the movement’s hardliners and risk-takers on their own."

    So there are risk averse activists and risk takers? Sounds just like life now, everyone fighting it out in the marketplace. Those risk aversers should be ashamed. Losers.

    "This relates to a final important disadvantage: misinformation can spread on social media just as fast (or faster) than reliable information. Reports of Russian trolls manipulating a polarised information environment to influence the recent US elections are a case in point. And misinformation is only compounded by peoples’ tendency to select news sources that confirm their prior beliefs. The echo chambers so prevalent in social media serve to further divide societies instead of uniting them behind a common cause."

    I'm partly to blame here I don't move around a lot getting my "information" I tend to hang now in one or two spots. Bad I know. And those Russian trolls are really annoying....

    "Even those who are well-intentioned and diligent about reading reliable and credentialed news sources can inadvertently cause problems. "

    So what e hell do "we" do if even the most well intentioned and diligent screw up? Who and what do "we" all believe? But we still want YOU to organise. Just do it properly by taking more time and making greater sacrifice and being more dedicated. And "we" all know "we" have time, if nothing else!

    "Kurt Weyland’s study of the 1848 revolutions found that dissidents have been learning the wrong lessons from yesterday’s revolution for centuries. But social media almost certainly exacerbates this dilemma by encouraging the diffusion of simplistic snapshots in 140-character doses rather than through studied and methodical analysis."

    Well, straighten your hate and tuck your shirt in, you mean "we" be gettin' it all wrong all these years, over and over? By jingos! Or is that jingoes? Can someone point me to the dissidents who have been learning the right lessons from yesterday's revolution because it isn't made clear in this essay who they are.

    So it seems "we" need a dissident school or university. Perhaps "we" can set one up on the internet but perhaps only with massive amounts of cryptocodification stuff to make it impossible for people to get in. But using the internet is a useless way of doing anything as IOPS has proved.

    And then there's this,

    "The Seeds of a New Economy

    While advances in technology and the changing economics of energy could very well dampen the impacts of the climate skepticism emanating from the White House, they obviously won’t come anywhere close to what the U.S. needs to do to actually pull its weight on climate change.

    Climate justice activists, on the other hand, are already digging in for a long fight. Thousands of activists joined hundreds of protests around the country in support of the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native American activists opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline, while international climate justice groups have promised to stand with their U.S. allies in resisting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

    Alongside resistance, efforts to build a new economy could, and should, continue from the ground up. The energy transition requires new forms of ownership and a more collaborative economy [i feel the Next System Project coming on...] . That may sound like a tall ask in such a hostile political climate, but there is historic evidence that the Scandinavian model of cooperative ownership grew in response to political polarization and the repression of organized labor, while deeper changes in the way markets work could spur the rise of collaborative production [well, let's all wait and see, but I definitely have some questions about all this I'd like to ask. I'll have some of them drawn up by my assistant and have him send them too you via the internet. Then, when you've had time to peruse them, get back to me and we could "organise" a meeting to discuss them further "face to face". No rush. Look forward to hearing from you. Bat.]

    In short, while Trump’s election is a disaster for the climate, there remains plenty of fertile ground for an energy transition, and many spaces to sow the seeds of a new economy."

    Oscar Reyes is an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.

    Sounds like Oscar could be an undeclared member of the NSP, using ye olde phrase, collaborative economy, or maybe he, like me, has read Viking Economics, although I haven't finished it yet.

    It's my tone, I know, I'm not being helpful and all that...but I'm really tired, getting older, falling physically apart, depressed about my music, about most things, working six days full time, looking after a dementia riddien mum on my day off's morning, trying to keep abreast with shit, reading and writing for an hour and a half every morning before I go to my boring fucking job and completely sick and fucking tired of being told to organise by a bunch of annonymous experienced hardcore activist people perpetually, as if I have to turn my life upside down, screw already established relationships or put undue strain on them by connecting with some fucking radical left group or joining something, I don't know what, or changing my whole lifestyle as quickly as possible, because if I don't then I ain't doimg my bit...when all I see put there is a whole bunch of disconnected bullshit from well meaning hardworking people who, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, can't agree themselves on theory, vision or strategy or untie in some leftist progressive mutual entinement...In fact they can't even get an organisation like IOPS out of virtual space and onto the fucking ground...but they seem to keep yelling at little old me and everyone else to organise and agitate.

    By fuck I am tired. By fucking fuck. Oh, that's right, I'm sorry, Joe Toscano and Michael Albert and all you older hard ore activists, you're all putting in 70 hours a week, working your arses off, so that's right, I forgot, I have no right to complain. Sorry, probably my middle class background and a tendency to carp on and on...

    By the way though, are these sorts of netvous breakdowns allowed to be articulated within these kinds of "organisations"? Because I do not think anyone showed how this org screwed up at all or why. I do not think anyone came to any real definitive answer as to what lessons have been learned and how to overcome them and do things properly. What I think hapoened was everyone just took off because it all was just a mess and nobody knew shit and now so many or everyone is merely doing exactly what they did before this organisation came along, calling to create some kind of big organisation or movement. In the meantime they ho out and firm or create some kind of separate group or project to make themselves feel good they are doing shit, or perhaps ARE even doing good shit, butbit's all much the same kind of thing everybody's been doing for decades.

    god. This really is a circle of shit. This really is an emotional wipeout because this fucker Trump has got in stirred up all thos crap and everyone now is certain the sky is falling. Of course it is, it's been falling since I was born. Since my mother used to tell me to eat all my vegies or I was being disrespectful to all the starving people in the world. Since I first heard the fucking Beatles sing all you heed is love.

    Since Frank Zappa sang, on the first record of his I bought at age eleven, "it's so fucking great to be alive, ladies and gentleman", because i have always felt it just fucking wasn't!

    At least for most.

    • Bat Chainpuller 24th Nov 2016

      "Well, straighten your hate..." Should be hat.

    • Lambert Meertens 25th Nov 2016

      We must not lay a guilt trip on ourselves or others for not doing enough. After all, when is what we do going to be "enough"? It will never be enough.

      Activism driven by feelings of guilt is not sustainable. It is the surest fast track to activist burnout. That is a serious problem, which is why I have uploaded some advice on avoiding burnout (in the Resources section, dated 5th Jan 2015).

      No one here can give anyone else marching orders. We just do what little we can manage, but hopefully while supporting each other.

    • Rod 25th Nov 2016

      'All you heed is love' seems to be a pretty good description of my life so far ;)

      How we feel about the world seems largely dependent on the trust we place in it. A lack of trust creates all kinds of problems, which is something I'm slowly learning the hard way. But it's clear this is a general phenomenon in society and not limited to me. The focus on the left on 'fighting' for a better society may be a reflection of the fact that even in the left we are mostly ruled by fear and animosity.

      There's a way out of this in the long run, but perhaps only through a deepening of the crisis in the short run.

  • Caragh - 24th Nov 2016

    I agree with stuck record two- that we need to focus on the climate and shup down the nuclear power stations as a priority would be my second action for those that do want to be involved in campaigning.

    I think IOPS has been clunky cos we were waiting for the celestial icc to organise for us. I am glad they havent as now it might be happening. It is just how it was done. We have to learn, but we have the olde infrastructure. I kind of believe in trustees because they can have distance in how they approach things but I think the roles we have might cover that kind of things.

    Nitty gritty organising as exhausting and requires patience. Something most of us have squeezed out of us by everyday non revolutionary life.

    The climate really really is a big deal though. Here is an old interview which covers some basics. http://www.ecoshock.org/2012/11/kevin-anderson-what-they-wont-tell-you-2.html

    Some are actually talking about it now but getting the first world to get into proper deceleration is really difficult.

    I am busy spending time with deep ecology people and they just seem to be crazy about burning firewood. I get that it might be alright but it just makes me realise how much impossible inevitable waste is build into this system and how we feel like we deserve the resources- even people that are 'in the know'. I do it myself.

    But we do need to work towards some kind of transition.

    Good luck with your mom Bat and stay strong.

    Here is some Dyani - healing sounds of the double bass- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aGb53dNa6k

    • Rod 25th Nov 2016

      I agree about our dependency on resources. I've always been interested in using fewer resources, but this never really has taken hold in my life. A large part of this is just the social reality that we exist within. So called 'primitive' cultures seem quite capable of living within the means of nature, because that's what they grew up with.

      It will take us a long time to ween off our superfluous wants. Which is why it's important to start talking more about population control. This should be combined with a reappraisal of the role of women in society.

  • Dave Jones 25th Nov 2016

    Lambert, I have a US centric lens and may see less serious anti-cap critique. I agree that IOPS can have a broad, radical vision and mission but my latest mission is advocating for consolidation and a "fragile" unity around something tangible as well.

    Bat: I saw one of Sharon Jones's last concerts in Missoula. She killed it. (terrible joke she could have appreciated) As for organizing, here is what we got going: In our town, as in most places, there are groups already organized under different banners. We chose the local 350.org and proposed a coalition and then we asked them to attend a presentation on our critique. There was the usual gnashing of teeth and several rent garments, but we calmly explained our version of why capitalism is the problem (to the 30 or so gathered) and invited them to discuss.

    This is a simple model which can be replicated. Turned out many if not most of the assembled found capitalism problematic on some level and were glad to find a safe forum to vent. So that is all I mean when I say "organizing". They don't have to give us their email address or any dues. They can apply their new understanding and critique when their group discusses strategy and messaging. Then we go drink beer and figure out what to do next. Organizing 101.