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IOPS Chapter Meeting in Ireland Report December 2012

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IOPS Ireland meeting held on December 1st 7pm-9pm 

Seven members present, six of whom had attended previous meetings, with one additional member coming to the meeting for the first time, and three more wanted to come but couldn’t make it on the night.

Report on European IOPS Events

First on the agenda was to hear back from two members who attended recent European IOPS events, in London and Oslo. Both trips were successful and the reports were positive. Eugenijus Misiunas was in Oslo and recorded this interview with Michael,


Eugenijus also published articles on IOPS and the interview in various newspapers and alternative media websites, in Lithuanian. (Links can be found below his blog on the interview).

Fintan reported back on the trip to London. He explained the reasons for the trip; to attend the IOPS welcome event, to develop relationships with other IOPS members, explore strategy and tactics for developing IOPS and spreading the word. The trip was successful as it enabled Fintan, on behalf of the chapter, to develop contacts and relationships within IOPS and gain insights into the hopes and aspirations for IOPS from a wider contingent of members. The IOPS Welcome Event was most helpful in this regard and Fintan co-authored a report on this event available here,


The trip also offered the opportunity to experience the functioning and hear of the successes and difficulties of a large chapter in London in terms of recruiting members and spreading the word. This helped to encourage the work being done in this chapter. It put our efforts into a wider context and the fact that we have a functioning chapter that has a number of active members is a significant achievement relative to the wider organisation.

Mission and Vision Discussion

At last month’s meeting we discussed the mission and vision statements, and decided that we all want to become more familiar with the ideas and also more comfortable expressing them in a way that is accessible to someone who is new to them. Dermot got the ball rolling by writing a piece on 'Remuneration in a Participatory Society'. We learned from this that the mission and vision statements can be interpreted in a number of different ways. The discussion highlighted different views around remuneration in a participatory society and some criticisms of the Parecon model. This included the compatibility of the Basic Income model to the economic aspect of the mission statement. We also discussed the problem of deciding remuneration based on effort and sacrifice and need, such that the same problems may be encountered when deciding collectively what classifies as an onerous activity, and what may be seen as a valid need.

Ciarán volunteered to distribute Dermot’s piece to friends that are not very familiar with such ideas, in the hope that we can learn from their initially thoughts and feedback, and take that on board for later drafts etc.

IOPS Development

We also discussed the recent blog on the international home page 'IOPS Development', and the suggested curriculum. We explored the pros and cons of tiered membership, which was raised in the blog. Given the size of our chapter, and the level of activity, it is not something that we would currently need to decide on. However, we did have some reservations, such as the extent to which it is compatible with the mission and vision, and the possibility of this leading to an internal oppressive hierarchy.      

We decided to read Fanfare, starting with Occupy Theory. We decided to pick a chapter each to present and discuss at the next meeting. Anyone who was unable to make the meeting but is planning to come along next time could select a chapter to talk about if they wish.

Introduction- Fintan

Chapter One- Dermot

Chapter Two- Lizzie

Chapter Three- Colin

Chapter Four- Eugenijus

Chapter Five- John

We all also thought that it would be useful to make the reading group an online project, to better facilitate members that live outside of Dublin and to hopefully write up chapter summarises and discussion etc. 

The proposed date of next meeting is 19th January at 7pm, venue still to be decided.

We welcome any suitable venue suggestions.


Happy New Year to all!

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  • Kim Keyser 2nd Jan 2013

    Thanks a lot for the report. Keep up the good work, and happy new year to ya'll too! :)

  • Conor Ryan 2nd Jan 2013

    Happy New Year to everyone. It's great to read the report of the meeting and it sounds like it was quite productive. I'll do my best to make the next meeting on Jan 19th and I'll present on Chapter 6 of Occupy Theory if that's ok.

  • Conor Ryan 2nd Jan 2013

    Just realised that Occupy Theory doesn't have a Chapter 6 ... but I'll read as much as I can before the meeting.

  • Pontus Proteus 2nd Jan 2013

    Thanks for this. Great stuff. Perhaps you'd also like to discuss the reading groups findings on ZSocial too. I had started a conversation with Michael about using Occupy Theory as a framework for studying local economies/society. Feel free to come along and add me as a contact there.