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::: IOPS International Geographic Inquirer KIDS ::: by the Gnome Knights of the Ontological Tab-*1337* and President Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana

#1 What is global warming?

#2 Dada2025 Interview 

#3 Copin' with Lie$ | Weather Forecast

#4 (?!?)



What is global warming?

We investigate…

We've all heard of it, but what is global warming and what is it doing to our planet?

So, what is global warming?

Global warming (or climate change), is the process of our planet heating up.

The Earth has warmed by an average of 1°C in the last century, and although that might not sound like much, it means big things for people and wildlife around the globe.

Unfortunately, rising temperatures don't just mean that we'll get nicer weather – if only! Global warming will actually make our weather more extreme and unpredictable.

As temperatures rise, some areas will get wetter and lots of animals (and humans!) could find they're not able to adapt to their changing environment.

What causes global warming?

1. Burning fossil fuels

Over the past 150 years, industrialised countries have been burning large amounts of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. The gases released into the atmosphere during this process act like an invisible 'blanket', trapping heat from the sun and warming the Earth. This is known as the "Greenhouse Effect".

2. Farming

Believe it or not, cows' eatinghabits contribute towards greenhouse gases. Just like us, when cows eat, methane gas builds up in their digestive system and is released in the form of… a fart! This might sound funny, but when you imagine that there are almost 1.5 billion cows releasing all that gas into the atmosphere, it sure adds up. Can you reek the havoc?

3. Desertification

Desert is a type of land which is  relatively  dry and dead. When deserts emerge due to the rampant and unchecked depletion of nutrients in soil that are essential for it to remain healthy, then a virtual "soil death" can be spoken of, which traces its cause back to human overexploitation. Desertification is a huge global problem with far reaching consequences.

How will global warming affect the planet?

The Earth has had many tropical climates and ice ages over the billions of years that it's been in existence, so why is now so different? Well, this is because for the last 150 years human activity has meant we're releasing a huge amount of harmful gases into the Earth's atmosphere, and records show that the global temperatures are rising more rapidly since this time.

A warmer climate could affect our planet in a number of ways:

– More rainfall

– Changing seasons

– Shrinking sea ice

– Rising sea levels

How will global warming affect wildlife?

Global warming is already affecting wildlife all over the world, but certain species are suffering more than others. Polar animals – whose icy natural habitat is melting in the warmer temperatures – are particularly at risk. In fact, experts believe that the Arctic sea ice is melting at a shocking rate – 9% per decade! Polar bears need sea ice to be able to hunt, raise their young and as places to rest after long periods of swimming. Certain seal species, like ringed seals make caves in the snow and ice to raise their pups, feed and mate.

It's not just polar animals who are in trouble. Apes like orangutans, which live in the rainforests of Indonesia, are under threat as their habitat is cut down, and more droughts cause more bushfires. 

Sea turtles rely on nesting beaches to lay their eggs, many of which are threatened by rising sea levels. Did you know that the temperature of nests determines whether the eggs are male or female? Unfortunately, with temperatures on the rise, this could mean that many more females are born than males, threatening future turtle populations.

How will people be affected by global warming?

Global warming won't just affect animals, it's already having an impact on people, too. Most affected are some of the people who grow the food we eat every day. Farming communities, especially in developing countries, are facing higher temperatures, increased rain, floods and droughts.

Wee Brits love a good cuppa, (around165 million cups of the stuff every day!), but we probably take for granted just how much work goes into growing our tea. Environmental conditions can affect the flavour and quality plus it needs a very specific rainfall to grow. In Kenya, climate change is making rainfall patterns less and less predictable. Often there will be droughts followed by huge amounts rain, which makes it very difficult to grow tea.

Farmers might then resort to using cheap chemicals to improve their crop to earn more money, even when long-term use of these chemicals can destroy their soil.

How are people coping with global warming?

Buying Fairtrade products can help make sure a farmer is paid a fair wage. This means they can cover their costs, earn enough money to have a decent standard of living, and invest in their farms to keep their crop healthy, without needing to resort to cheap methods of farming which can further damage the environment.

This support also helps farmers to replace eucalyptus trees – which take up a lot of water – with indigenous trees that are better for the farmers' soil. They can learn to make fuel-efficient stoves which will not only make them a little extra money, but also reduce the 'Footprint' of the community – cool!

How can I help prevent climate change?

Stop to shop! Less stuff! Degrowth! Rebel! Small changes in your own home can make a difference, too. Try switching to energy-saving lightbulbs, walking instead of using the car, turning off electrical items when you're not using them, recycling and reducing your food waste. All these little things can make a difference.





Dada2025 Interview

Irie Zen Nessuno-Raskolnikov:
"All hail the our #realPOTUS2025*: 'Little Miss Fräulein Wunder' President Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana of Disney's Mouse House; Congrats Miss Swift; whoppin' two Nobel awards this year; For peace and illiterature, right?"

Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana:
"I don't recall; That sounds right; but you must adress me Yo Highness Smiley Gaga; or just Mylady; Hi MomCorp! Hi Network! And espn'anally thanks to my Star Wars '25
campaign crew! It all started with the 'I Disgress Indeed Remix' of my epic 9000+ poem for Alex 'Wake Up America' back in 2020. 1 lit a Nebelkerze and they just woke up."

Irie Zen Nessuno-Raskolnikov:
"I member. Vividly. The rebellion to end all wars arose. One; I-me..; meme..; Memember. Vaguely."

Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana:
"I don't recall. My opponent was a liar."

Irie Zen Nessuno-Raskolnikov:
"We all fear dem fake news; yeah; But we can handle 'em; and piss on 'em at the same time now. The final manure based solution was soon to be found, right?"

Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana:
I don't recall. Everything my opponent said was part o'his globaloney charlata-n'arrative."

Irie Zen Nessuno-Raskolnikov:
"Was it? T'was Meladi-dada! Evr'y-thang; yo quiero meine Führerin; Tütü-Tootsies; n'lil titties too?
Number one or number two..; C'mon ride me like yo wrekkkin'ball."

Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana:
"I recall!
Alexa! Sunflowers'n'Müsli! Gotta go pee-pee'n'poo-poo first, mon ami IrieEyes.."





Copin' with Lie$ | Weather Forecast | The Climate is NOT Changin': Fact$!!


BIBLICAL | APOCALYPTIC ++ Expect severe or hazardous to fatal conditions; thunderstorms; tornadoes; fires ++ extreme weather; erosion; DESERTIFICATION; high wind; heavy to violent rain; flood; cyclones; fog. ++ Expect dramatic effects on agriculture.



*Right-click*Show*Table*Large* (*.PNG)


^^ JURA$$IC WEATHER (200 million years ago)

Mean atmospheric CO
content over period duration:  1950 ppm (7 times pre-industrial level)

Mean surface temperature over period duration: ~16.5 °C (3 °C above modern level)




"Big Five" | Could an anti-global warming atmospheric spraying program really work? |  Global sea level could rise 15 meters by 2300, study says | Plio-Pleistocene decline of African mega herbivores: No evidence for ancient hominin impacts |  The worst year to be a human has been revealed by researchers: 536! | Science* study: Rising CO2 producing:  "miracle" re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly expands*


TED - How to green the world's deserts | Allan Savory (22min.)

Running out of Time | Documentary on Holistic Management w/ Allan Savory (47min.)








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  • Irie Zen 2nd Dec 2018

    • Irie Zen 2nd Dec 2018


      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell for the company
      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell seems like fun to me


      There's something in the sun this day, I feel it
      Or maybe it's just my hay fever
      The weeds are green, the sky is shining
      But it'll soon be night which is nicer
      But then cracks peel back and hell bends the room
      And the devil gestures to you
      You've never seen such a Beelzebub
      And he's telling you to make up your bean about what's left of your evening
      About whether to flake out or fecking stay out
      What do you make of this doubt?
      The devil wants to know if you're going down or up
      Easy - I know what my speech should be


      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell for the company
      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell seems like fun to me


      The devil beams a big beaming grin
      The sort which leads you up the streets of sin
      He holds up paperwork - sign the line
      Let's clash with madmen, grime is fine
      It sounds all hectic, you're having cold feet
      Things are getting out of hand, you make an embarrassing retreat
      Let's ride the Valkyrie, commit a bit of sin
      Turn rock to rubble, punch me in the chin
      I simply, Lucifer, refuse to wind up on fire with low-life liars
      Then you're destined for the world without chores and sweating
      The eternal hell of boredom in heaven


      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell for the company
      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell seems like fun to me


      You tell the devil in no uncertain terms
      You'll never be evil, you'll never be turned
      What is this evil? And who decides this?
      When left to devices some humans try shit
      This is the reason we should all be tied up?
      We're just normal people exploring our minds
      We don't go around here putting poison in wine
      But we enjoy what we like which is not always right
      People are intricate, people aren't swines
      Let's screw the rules up and rely on our minds
      Sign on the line
      You sign on the line
      He clutches the wine and tips it in cyanide


      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell for the company
      I want to go to heaven for the weather
      But hell seems like fun to me



    • Irie Zen 5th Dec 2018


      Oh-oh, can you take care of her?
      Oh-oh, maybe you can spare her
      Several moments of your consideration
      Leading up to the final destination
      Oh-oh, the earth is calling out
      I want to learn what it's all about but
      Everything I read's global warming, going green
      I don't know what all this means
      But it seems to be saying..






      Cracked readers, fellow bloggers, America: I'm a simple man with just a few, simple ambitions. Some of these ambitions, I've had to give up, and some I still keep in my heart.

      For one thing, I'd like to take Scarlet on a date. One date, probably startin' at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, whenever she wants between now and the day I die. Additionally, I wouldn't mind owning a robot that could help straighten up my apartment but that also knew when and how to party. I want to step on Tarantino's foot at least once and I'd like to be friends with Kim Jong Un. Also, several (several) years ago, my only goal in life was to be the man to take Hermione Granger's virginity. That ship, unfortunately, has sailed. Sailed, docked, sailed again, made This is the End, checked into rehab, did some more sailing, and now I hope that this ship will do porn soon; to remain in the public spotlight, or perhaps just to feel something. My friends, when I learned I would never take Emma's virginity -when I discovered that I would never treat her a Dirty Sanchez followed by a predictably disappointing and awkward Sabbath morning- well, I was crushed. I was crushed because that was a goal, a dream, that I had to abandon. My final and most important ambition in life is to develop a very public feud with the bitch that plays #realPOTUS2025* and expose her for the monster she is and this is one ambition I will not give up on. Last weekend, Miss(?) Cyrus-Montana's campaign movie, Destiny Hope Hates Freedom, was number one in the box office taking in over forty-two billion dollars in just one day and also set the record for having the highest votes per-voter average ever. So impressive was this weekend, in fact, that Cyrus-Montana actually stole headlines away from one of the most memorable upsets in the history of the Bush dynasty. Got that? We'€™re basically saying to the rest of the world that Cyrus-Montana is more important to America than George Herbert Walker and Chuck Norris. Is that the kind of image that we want to present? Granted, I'€™m not totally sure I know what it is that your President actually does. I'€™ve never seen her programme and all I know about her is based on what I read about her in Mein Kampf. What I do know is that this is too much power for any one person to have.

      My friends, we have to take the world back from Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana. By the time she turns 40, she'€™ll already be a billionaire and it'll be too late to stop her. Now, am I advocating that you help destroy her career by spreading around a bunch of vicious rumors? Rumors, for example, like "The President says she won't rest until abortions are taught in every school"? No, of course not. I mean, just because I heard somewhere that Smiley wishes time travel existed just so she could go back and microwave the Baby Jesus, doesn't mean you should call your local newspaper immediately.. But it does make you think.



      @ Alex of... 2nd Dec 2018

      "Ya, we'll see what they have to say at the iphone drop-center.."

      @ Boulder Dash 4th Dec 2018

      "I know.. they can't win anywhere can they.. kids.. they're fucked everywhere they turn.. jobs, housing, climate.. communications.. entertainment.. and we're giving them nothing..."






      Previous discussions... (tagging system)



      "Who will we have to bomb to make sure we get our solar panels?"


    • Irie Zen 5th Dec 2018


    • Irie Zen 5th Dec 2018

      President Destiny Hope Cyrus-Montana came out as pansexual to her mother when she was 14, and has said: "I never want to label myself! I am ready to love anyone that loves me for who I am! I am open." In June 2015, IOPS Times reported that she also identifies as gender fluid. She was quoted as stating she "[doesn't] relate to being boy or girl, and I don't have to have my partner relate to boy or girl." Cyrus-Montana is a supporter of the LGBT community, and is often vocal about her beliefs on the topic. Her song "My Heart Beats for Love" (2010) was written for one of Cyrus-Montana's gay friends, while she has since claimed that London is her favorite place to perform due to its extensive gay scene. Cyrus-Montana also has an equals sign tattooed on her ring finger in support of same-sex marriage. She is the founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation, which works to "fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations".

      On June 15, 2015, the #realPOTUS2025 unleashed the campaign #InstaPride in collaboration with Instagram. The campaign features a series of portraits starring transgender and gender-expansive people, which were posted to her Instagram feed with the hashtags "#HappyHippiePresents" and "#InstaPride". It was aimed at encouraging diversity and tolerance by showing these people in a positive light as examples for others who might be struggling to figure themselves out, as well as a reference point for people who didn't know personally anyone in that situation. Cyrus-Montana was the one behind the camera for the photoshoot the whole time and even interviewed her 14 subjects to share their personal stories along with their portraits. She decided to predominate the color yellow since she believes it is a happy and not sexualized color. She said she wanted to bring attention and celebrate people who wouldn't normally find themselves being the stars of a photoshoot or wouldn't find themselves on the cover of a magazine.



    • Irie Zen 5th Dec 2018




    • Alex of... 7th Dec 2018

      title graphic is truly "the best of both worlds" - many smiles. and a Happy Noam Chomsky Day.. a day of opening our minds to potentially valid and persuasive arguments, or otherwise sharing weapons with family.

    • Alex of... 7th Dec 2018

      happy 90th..

    • Irie Zen 8th Dec 2018

      Cold one? Tom Raper from "Missour" XD



      Missouri is a midwestern U.S. state covered by grassy plains and the forested Ozark Mountains. Kansas City, on the Kansas border, has jazz clubs, the National World War I Museum and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, with giant shuttlecock sculptures (!) on its lawn. St. Louis, on the Illinois border, is known for its 630-ft. Gateway Arch overlooking the Mississippi River.


      Capital: Jefferson City

      Abbreviation: MO

      U.S. House delegation: 6 Republicans 2 Democrats

      Minimum wage: 7.85 USD per hour (2018)

    • Alex of... 9th Dec 2018

  • Irie Zen 2nd Dec 2018