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Financial Administrator — Call for Candidates

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The financial administrator is charged with keeping track of and paying bills that are due in a timely fashion. The financial administrator also keeps the current account, recording all financial transactions. For the foreseeable future, this involves only payments related to hosting the IOPS website, as well as – hopefully soon – the receipt of donations and membership dues. Technically, no distinction will be made between the latter two, and together they will simply be referred to as “donations”.

It is the intention that the bookkeeping will be transparent and, insofar as donations are concerned, at the same time anonymous.

Transparency can be achieved by maintaining a full record of the transactions in a way that is accessible to all members, such as on a page of our website.

Anonymity of donations can be achieved by each donor choosing some random, meaningless word or phrase that no one would guess and that in no way can be related to the donor, for example “Omu Zomu Za”. Then, when arranging the money transfer, the donor should include the message, “Donation from Omu Zomu Za”, which will be included in the transaction record. This means they can verify that their donation was received and duly recorded.

For this mandated role we are seeking one primary administrator and additionally one reserve administrator, who can temporarily take over for the primary caretaker if circumstances require. Both are to be selected for a term of one year.

Members who are willing to volunteer for this task are invited to announce their availability by posting a statement to that effect as a comment below. Please also add some information that may be helpful to the membership in making a selection, such as how you hope to fulfill the role. Candidates can also indicate that they are only available for the reserve role.

Two weeks after this call was posted, a vote will be held for selecting the primary and reserve financial administrators.

Note. The role of financial administrator is incompatible with being a member of the financial team. Current candidates for the financial team can volunteer for this task as well, but if selected for the financial team, their candidacy here will be considered thereby withdrawn.

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  • Rod 13th Nov 2016

    I'm a bit hesitant to volunteer for this role as I'm an anonymous member and would like to largely keep it that way (not very good in terms of transparency and trustworthiness). I also live in the Netherlands, which might pose some problems if we use a US account.

    So for now I'm waiting this one out.

    • Lambert Meertens 13th Nov 2016

      I don’t expect a candidate's country of residence will present a problem except perhaps for a few countries subject to United States embargoes, such as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

      Some personally identifying information of the financial administrators, including legal name, should be made known to a few people, such as the pro-forma board of the non-profit (if any) holding the account, or else the website admins, but I see no need for this to be generally accessible public information. I don’t see how it will make a difference in trustworthiness, since people wouldn’t know who [Rodger Francis Smith] (replace by your real full name) is anyway. Unless your real full name turns out to be Roderick David Stewart.

    • Rod 13th Nov 2016

      Alright, I have no problem with giving out personal information to a few members. As long as I don't end up on Google it's fine by me.

      I'll volunteer for the reserve role if not selected for the financial team. If no-one else (unconditionally) volunteers for the primary role, I'll volunteer for that too.

    • Lambert Meertens 13th Nov 2016

      If all volunteers give the identical conditional offer, they will all end up being primary candidates :).

    • Rod 13th Nov 2016

      I know, it's a bit convoluted :)

  • M. D. Wray 16th Nov 2016

    I will volunteer for the primary Financial Administrator role. Because of my profession I have the experience necessary for this position. I am confident that I will be able to effectively manage all finances with transparency for all, and anonymity for those who desire it. I am well organized and I have also coordinated plans and finances for large events before.

  • Claire Bruhn 18th Nov 2016

    Yes! More experts!

  • Rod 20th Nov 2016

    Given the results of the financial team poll, I'm volunteering for a reserve position here. I'm generally good with numbers and I value transparency. I have no previous experience with bookkeeping except on the personal side, but I'm confident I can fulfill this role.

  • Lambert Meertens 20th Nov 2016

    Selections in which there are one or more candidates who volunteer for a reserve position only, like now, will be handled as follows.

    For deciding the primary selection, reserve-only candidates are disregarded. Next, the reserve selection is formed by the not-yet-selected highest-score candidates, but this time including the reserve-only candidates.

  • Lambert Meertens 26th Nov 2016

    The list of candidates is now fixed, and the poll for the selection procedure is now open.

    I thank the volunteers who came forward for their willingness to make this work.

    This blog post will remain available for members who wish to ask the candidates any questions.